Monday, September 29, 2008

Volleyball Alumni can still kill

The Edgewood College volleyball alumni match was held this past Saturday at the Edgedome, and one of the largest group of Alumni in recent years came to show the current Eagles that they still have some serious skills on the court.

The Alumni came back from an early deficit in the first set coming up just short losing 18-25. The second set was quite different. The Alumni led from the first point to the last behind great defense and a huge block, winning 25-23. In the final deciding set, the Alumni fought well but lost in the end 17-25. Greta Gueths and Julie VonDerVellen led the Alumni with five kills each. Rebecca Gustafson (Schmidt) chipped in with a team leading 10 assists. Mandie Armstrong and Jessica Szymanski (Whittaker) added four blocks a piece. Katie Stankowski led the defense with eight digs. The other Alumni to participate were: Suzie Bourie, Karyn Jordahl, Amia Lonigro (Schaaf), Renee Mikonowicz, and Suann Saltzberry (Adler).

I would like to thank all of them for being great friends of our volleyball program and wonderful role models for our current Eagle student-athletes.


Head Coach Paul Schlomer

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eagles help at FitKids

Several student-athletes helped out at FitKids preceding the Madison Ironman on September 6, 2008. Eddie the Eagle made an appearance and spread his wings as he helped lead the stretching prior to the kids making two laps around the Capitol. Check out the video summarizing the day's events:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Former Eagle Nelson takes over Monona Grove team

Former Edgewood College men's basketball standout Erik Nelson has taken over the reins of the Monona Grove High School girls basketball team. He returns to the sidelines after a brief hiatus since winning the WIAA Division 1 boys basketball state championship with Madison LaFollette in 2002.

Complete story from (by Dennis Semrau)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abbi's Almanac #2

Traveling may be one of the best perks of playing a college sport. Although, thanks to some back orders, we have yet to receive the travel clothes coach got for us. Most teams arrive in style. Matching pants and jackets are more intimidating than I realized now that our team doesn’t have them. On the plus side, we received our duffel bags, so at least the bags are no longer a hodge-podge of randomness.

But besides for the non-uniformed looks traveling is amazing. We ride on a huge coach bus. Having only fourteen girls and three coaches on the bus leaves it extremely spacious and roomy. Then there is the free food. Depending on the travel times we get at least one free meal and who doesn’t like free food?

There are some other perks to riding on the bus too. After a hectic schedule of classes and whatnot the bus becomes a good place to catch up on homework and other school stuff. The bus is also an amazing place to nap after a hard fought game or tournament. The best way to sleep is to have a row to yourself and spread out between all four seats. Otherwise legs tend to cramp up after having bent knees for an hour or two in only the two seats.

There are many other rewards playing college volleyball but I think the travel luxuries will always be my favorite.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photo galleries are up!

We've got a new Photo Gallery page over on We've got a men's soccer match and a volleyball match posted with women's soccer and tennis on the way soon. These galleries will also be linked from your favorite teams schedule page, by clicking on "Details".


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Car wash washed out

Mother Nature refused to cooperate for the Edgewood College car wash, sponsored by the Track, Cross Country and Softball teams. They are planning to reschedule a day soon. Please check back here and we'll keep you up to date.

In the meantime, get out there and dirty up those cars!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Congratulations Coach Brewster!

Head Track and Cross Country coach Bethany Brewster will be inducted into the Saginaw County Sports Hall of Fame, honoring her career as a standout athlete in Saginaw and at the University of Wisconsin. Coach Brewster will travel to Saginaw, Mich. on November 2 to attend the banquet.

The entire Edgewood College family is very proud of Coach Brewster. Congratulations on your induction!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Workin' at the Car Wash

Admit it. You haven't washed your car in at least two months. Sure, you leave it out in the rain, but that doesn't really do the trick, does it?

Don't miss out this Saturday as our Eagle Track, Cross Country and Softball teams get together to wash your car. For free. Seriously. Just stop by one of their TWO locations. (You probably have two cars, right? Visit both!):

Neckerman Insurance - 6200 Mineral Point Road, Madison
Restaino Bunbury Real Estate - 6650 University Avenue, Middleton

Monday, September 8, 2008

Softball Karaoke #3

By a unanimous vote, here is the next installment of our softball karaoke series: It's Katie Melvin singing "Build Me Up Buttercup." Be sure to scroll down under the video and vote on who the next karaoke star on the Eagle Blog will be.

Here's your chance to choose the next installment for Softball Karaoke. Use the "Comments" feature to cast your vote. Ballot box stuffing is legal (and in fact, encouraged). Get your friends on board to vote for either:

A. Heather Hoene doing the "Edgewood College rap" OR
B. Rachel Elliott singing "I Feel Like a Woman"

The race is on!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Abbi's Almanac #1

Welcome to the first installment of Abbi's Almanac. Eagles freshman volleyball player Abbi Schultz will be contributing a blog entry every other week describing her experiences as a first year student-athlete at Edgewood College. Abbi has moved right into the starting line-up and is making key contributions to the 3-0 Eagle volleyball team. Read on for Abbi's first entry....

My name is Abbi Schultz I’m 18 years old and a freshman here at Edgewood College. I have been playing competitive volleyball since the 6th grade. During high school I played three years of Varsity volleyball for one of the top ranked division one schools in Wisconsin, Westosha Central. I started my junior and senior year as a right side. While playing there I made three state appearances and in 2006 won the state title. My senior year I was graced with second team all-conference and second team all-county. Now at Edgewood I am a starting setter/opposite.

Already in only two weeks on campus there are so many differences in college athletics compared to high school athletics. Coming from a small town with such a legacy everyone in the school knew the volleyball players, when matches were, who they were against and if it was a home or away game. As I walked around campus wearing a game tonight shirt I was constantly asked which team I played for, where we were playing and who we were playing. It’s a strange thing walking around campus hanging up posters, advertising games. There is a difference in work ethic as a college athlete. Practice becomes job like, but in a good way. There is an outline of practice and a time line in which to complete the work. High school practices were more of a way to blow off steam after sitting in class for eight hours.

Classes are another strange thing to me as a freshman college student. At Westosha there were eight class periods in a day, 51 minutes a class and school ran from 7:30 until 2:15. It’s liberating to start class at nine every day and most days done with classes at 1:20. And having huge breaks in between classes is refreshing. It gives time for homework and a social life before practice or matches. There’s a relieving feeling that if a professor finishes the lesson early students do not have to sit around like Pavlov’s dogs waiting for a bell to ring. There is also the attendance, nobody is forcing class attendance. Not saying I’m going to ditch classes but it’s nice to know I am in charge of my schedule and what I do not a teacher, school officer or parent.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Volleyball rolling!

In case you missed it (and if you did, shame on you), the Eagle volleyball team swept Ripon College 3-0 last night, to improve their record to 3-0. That's the program's best start in 12 years! They are an exciting bunch with very athletic newcomers and very consistent returners. Below is the recap from last nights match, including a post-match interview with Head Coach Paul Schlomer.

Edgewood College 3, Ripon College 0, Match Recap