Friday, May 25, 2012

NBC 15: Williams runs through obstacles

NBC 15 ran their excellent feature on Edgewood College student-athlete Josh Williams last night. If you missed it, here's the story. Thanks to Robb Vogel and David Kmiecik for their hard work...


Thursday, May 24, 2012

State Journal: Williams is the leader of the track at Edgewood

Enjoy this outstanding story about Edgewood College cross country and track athlete Josh Williams by  Tom Mulhern  of the  Wisconsin State Journal . Williams will run on Saturday evening in the NCAA Division III Track & Field Championships in Claremont, California.

College men's track: Williams is leader of the track at Edgewood (by Tom Mulhern, courtesy of the Wisconsin State Journal)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Eagle Golf NCAA Championships blog #3

Edgewood College senior Logan Kranz is providing a blog diary of the Eagle men's golf team's experiences at the NCAA Division III Championships in Florida. His third post is below and his first two entries are here and here.

Hello from Orlando!!!

We made it down to Florida last night and are all set up in Howey In The Hills... the site of the 2012 D-III National Tournament. Yesterday's flights went smoothly and the best news is all of our luggage and golf clubs made the trip safely. Today was the first day we got to see the golf courses and we began our tournament preparation with a practice round on the course that we play round two on. The facilities here are amazing, with the course in great condition for us! After a good practice round we spent a few hours just practicing on the range and putting green. The schedule tomorrow will be quite busy... breakfast buffet at 7:00 am followed by a practice round on the other course starting at 9:00 am followed by a little bit more practice as tomorrow is the final warm up before Round 1 begins on Tuesday. We then have team pictures and a formal team banquet dinner tomorrow night.

Hopefully we can get you guys some good pictures tomorrow afternoon/night so you guys can see what we are playing and how the resort is!!! If anyone is interested in seeing updates on the actual tournament play, just log on to and look for the D3 National Tournament. That will provide you guys with live updates during our play. For all you twitter people... you can follow me at LoganECGolfer and our assistant coach will be posting some updates throughout the day.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!!!

Go Eagles

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eagle Golf NCAA Championship blog #2

Edgewood College senior Logan Kranz is providing a blog diary of the Eagle men's golf team's experiences at the NCAA Division III Championships in Florida. His second post is below and his first entry is here.

Hey Everyone!

Back again to let you guys know how everything’s going… we just got a bunch of info regarding our trip to nationals last night. Coach had the conference call to get a bunch of info so we met as a team last night over some delicious Rocky Rococo’s!! :)

Here’s a little breakdown of our trip:

- We’ll be leaving campus on Saturday morning at eight and will hop in the van for a ride down to Milwaukee to catch a 11:15 flight to Kansas City. We then leave Kansas City to head to Orlando where we will be for the week of nationals.

- Sunday is our first practice round starting in the morning and some of us will help out with a clinic helping kids wanting to learn golf through the Special Olympics following the round. After that I’m sure we will be putting in a few more hours of solid practice and then it’s off to dinner and a relaxing night with the team.

- Monday morning we have our practice round on the other course being played for the tournament and then we will continue to practice throughout the day since it is our final preparation for the actual tournament. Monday night we are lucky enough to attend a banquet dinner that the tournament is having for us.

- Tuesday morning is when it all begins… First round of nationals with times not scheduled yet. Since there are two courses we play, we will play one course on Tuesday and the other course on Wednesday.

- Wednesday is the second round of the tournament and a big day because after this round there will be a cut. Hopefully we play well enough to advance on to the final two rounds of nationals…something no other team from the NAC has ever done!!!

- Thursday/Friday are the final two rounds of the tournament so hopefully we will be busy playing some golf!!!

I’ll be checking back in with you guys on Friday, but until then…

Go Eagles!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Eagle Golf NCAA Championship blog #1

Hey Everyone,

This is Logan Kranz from your Edgewood College men's golf team and would like to let you guys get an inside look at our upcoming trip to Nationals! We are ONE week away and this marks the first ever trip to the National Tournament for Edgewood College and hopefully the first of many more to come! First and foremost our team would like to THANK all of you guys for the support over the last couple weeks since we clinched the NAC Championship. The support from the college and students has been amazing!! By doing so, we booked a trip to Orlando, Florida for the biggest tournament in D-III golf!!!! I just want to give you guys an inside look at our trip and the week leading up to our departure.

I'll start by saying the last two weeks have been the most hectic weeks of all of our college lives between the preparation for the conference tournament and now trying to prepare to finish school a week early while trying to get ready for Nationals has given us all we can handle. The National Championship happens to fall during the week of finals here at Edgewood College, so we need to be ahead of the game when it comes to school, which in turn has taken a lot of our practice time away.

Best part about it though, is the fact that once this week is over, we'll be leaving bright and early Saturday morning to hop on a plane and head south for the last week of school!!! Ill get into more details as the week goes on, but for now its back to the books and finishing up this semester!
Talk to you guys soon, and until then...

Go Eagles!