Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo Gallery: Eagle Baseball in Florida

Here are the best 251 of the 1,777 pictures we received from the Eagles' trip to the Sunshine State. Whew!

Photo Gallery: Edgewood College baseball in Florida 2010


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dan Oryall: USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals #6

This is the final entry in Dan Oryall's blog at the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals. Click here for part one, part two, part three, part four and part five.

On Saturday, I woke up and it was again raining, which was nothing new. The temp outside was fairly chilly (low 60's) but I figured it would heat up as the day progressed. I threw a few more dry long items into my bag in case it didn't get warmer. When we arrived at the park there was already a long line of cars waiting to park and unload. We finally got parked and I started to unload, constantly checking my watch to make sure I was still on time.

I started walking down the road towards transition when I saw a large group of athletes starting to pile up. As I walked closer I noticed that the water in the lake had risen high enough to overflow the road that lead to the transition area. Athletes had to take off their shoes, roll up their pants, and brave the cold water to get across with their bike on their back. I waded across the frigid water and started towards the transition area. When I arrived there, announcers where saying that water temps were 54 degrees. In USAT speak, this meant that wetsuits were mandatory, and no one would be allowed to swim without one. Also, they said that the swim would be cut in half. I had mixed emotions about that. First, I excel at the swim portion and I make up a bit of time there and second, once I get wet I don't really want to get out. I set up my transition area and added a few extra warm items that I would never really consider wearing in the summer.

I warmed up like normal, and with emotions on high I donned my wetsuit, cap, and goggles and headed for the beach. The start was simple, run from the beach, into the water and get to the turn bouy fast. Usually I would be one of the top swimmers to the bouy, but I had to contend with collegiate swimmers. The gun went off and we rushed into the water. The natural washing machine effect took hold of me (this is a feeling that triathletes feel when they start a mass swim start.) With many arms, legs, and bodies thrashing around it feels like you are trapped in a washing machine and can't get out. I struggled to get into my groove being trapped in the middle of the pack. The wind was blowing waves in my mouth disrupting my breathing and being stuck in the pack wasn't helping. I finally got into open space and started to move. By the time I saw the swim exit I could tell that my feet and hands were cold. Dreading getting out I braced for the impact of the rocky swim exit.

I got out of the water and stumbled to my transition area with cold feet. I arrived there with many other athletes all who were putting on necessary cold gear. The wind by this time was gusting from 20-30 mph. I grabbed my bike and talked to the big man upstairs asking him to keep me upright and safe for the next 25 miles. The wind was so bad I didn't have the opportunity to take my hands off the handlebars for fear of tipping over. I passed and was passed by many. At the halfway point I was sick of the wind, and had to go the next 6 miles with it hitting me in the face. At one point I could have ran faster than I was biking. I finally finished the bike and with numb feet started my run.

My body was so sore from struggling and gripping my bike so tight for the last 40K that my run felt more like a hang on and finish. At this point I was focused on one thing...finishing. My body ached and it screamed to my brain to stop. Cold, tired, and way beyond sore I pushed on until I came across the finish line. My goal for this was sub (under) 2 hours 20 minutes (2:20:00). I came in at 2 hours 16 minutes. Even though I swam half the distance I would have normally, I was happy that I had achieved my goal.

With all of this being said, I am proud that I represented Edgewood College well at the event. I was 217th overall out of over 600 athletes, and 156th out of 380 total undergraduate males.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Dan Oryall: USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals #5

Part five of Dan Oryall's blog at the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals. Click here for part one, part two, part three and part four.

UPDATE: Dan is also metioned in this article on Excellent read!

Another "wonderful" day in Lubbock. I woke up to another day on rain, and increased winds. I stuck to my normal race day routine and went out for a short 20 minute run. Again the roads were filled with water, and not just a little water...6 lane roads were filled. I got into my car in the late morning and decided to go and drive to the transition area. When I got there the park was filled with many teams already. The wind had picked up so much out in the courtry that there were white caps on the water. Good thing I have my wetsuit...I won't drown or freeze.

I got on my bike and tried riding one of the 4 very technical hills on the course. Going up the hill was not a problem, and I climbed it with a small amount of huffing and puffing. After climbing I turned around and braved going down it. Normally I would fly down this hill with lightly tapping my brakes, today was another story. I clamped down hard on my brakes and rode down the hill like a scared two year old. Once finished I turned around and did it again. 2nd time was the charm, I didn't need to grip the brakes as much. The wind pushed me around a bit, and coupled with the rain I found my bike to be leaning to the side, with my body frantically trying to tug it back under my body. Hopefully tomorrow will bring lighter winds and a small sprinkle not gale force winds and pounding rain.

I went to the required meetings later in the afternoon. They are changin the run course becasue the water is soo high it is causing flooding on the run course. The bike course is also flooded in areas, so there are some major changes to how anyone would ride. There are 3 areas where the water is crossing the road and it is mandatory for riders to get off their bike, cross the water, and get back on. Talk about a mental break in the race. This could really hinder a lot of riders. So hopefully Texas can take a page out of the Wisconsin weather's playbook and we can see just a drier day.

Tomorrow is race day...



Softball photo gallery posted

Check out our huge photo gallery from the Eagles' softball doubleheader against Maranatha Baptist.

Eagle softball vs. Maranatha Baptist Photo gallery (April 10, 2010)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dan Oryall: USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals #4

Part four of Dan Oryall's blog at the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals. Click here for part one, part two and part three.

Another day down, another day closer to race day. Today has been filled with a few ups and downs. Like I said in my earlier blog, the morning's bike ride was fairly decent, and I feel more comfortable on my bike and wheels. I went to the local Wal-mart to get some spoons and knives so that I could eat the food I brought with me for lunch. I looked at my bike and noticed that my back tire was flat. I tried pumping it up, and I could hear the sound no bike rider wants to hear, the hiss of air leaving my tube. I had my momentary freak out, and took the tire off and checked the tube. I found a piece of broken glass from a beer bottle stuck in my tire. I raced over to a local bike shop and fixed my tire. Problem solved. I am having mixed feelings about the rain, since it rained all day and the roundabout outside the hotel got collectively deeper and deeper as the day went on. I went for a quick run in the late afternoon and had to channel all the steeplechase skills that I possessed. While runnining and driving around Lubbock I noticed there isn't really much to this town. No offense to anyone who loves the Red Raiders or anything, but unless you are on the campus there isn't much to this place. Maybe I am just off on the wrong side of town, but outside of rundown businesses and open space there isn't much but the campus.

I drove the bike course later, pretty decent there are three very big hills that I will hate climbing but love going down. Well, I would love going down them if there wasn't water on the road, and rain creating large puddles on them. I feel my streak of going crash free has the possibility of coming to an abrupt end. After the course, I got my packet and picked up all the free stuff they gave me. I am in the first wave of males, number 58. I shopped around for a little while with the few vendors that were there. Then, a USA Triathlon gentleman asked me if I was a first time athlete, I said I was. He asked if he could interview me because he was doing a story on first time athletes and wanted to know my story. I answered his questions about creating a club at Edgewood, and why I wanted to come to nationals. After a quick interview I headed out to the Olive Garden for dinner.

Now, I am sitting in my room, getting my race gear together. Tomorrow is going to be a busy and emotional day so I figure I should get as much done now while I am clam. Until tomrrow...


Dan Oryall: USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals #3

Here is Dan Oryall's third entry as he prepares for Saturday's USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals in Lubbock, Texas. You can also read #1 and #2 here.

Today is my first day in Lubbock. I rolled over in my amazingly comfortable bed and was tempted to never get out. As I peeled back the curtains I saw the one thing that I didn't want to see...rain. The rain was fairly light, but the wind was pushing it around pretty steady. I again braved the cold rain and went out for another short bike ride to get my legs under me. I figured that if it rains on Saturday I will have to be prepared for the worst. Again, my little side note is that race wheels aren't really too big of fans of the rain. I saddled up and launched into the rain just as a pack of USA Triathlon officials were coming out of the hotel. They passed and wished me luck on my ride, while passing I noticed a nice patch on the back of their backpacks. Beijing 2008, USA Triathlete. So a little giddy that I was wished luck by what I assumed was part of the USA Olympic Triathlon team, or their entourage, I pushed off into the rain. Outside of the coldness factor and the fact that the rain smeared the lenses of my sunglasses, the rain didn't really suck too much. My wheels behaved, and I was back before you knew it.

When I returned to my hotel room, I had to remove my wheels to emtpy all of the water that had collected in the wheel. It has been raining so much here that the roundabout outside my hotel is almost under water. I plan on doing some homework for the remainder of the day, and hanging out. I will pick up my packet later tonight, this will tell me what wave I will be in, and all the other raceday goodies.

until tonight...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dan Oryall: USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals #2

Edgewood College senior Dan Oryall is in Lubbock, Texas to compete in the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals, which will be run on Saturday. He is blogging about his experience for the Eagle Blog. His first entry can be found with this link.

I have finally arrived in Texas! The trip took me the expected 18 hours and I traveled the 1186.3 miles that I had to go. I didn't write yesterday because I got kind of a later start than I originally intended. I had always heard that Iowa was fairly flat, however I found it to be filled with rolling hills. I ventured into Missouri for a short time and was into Kansas before I knew it. I stayed overnight in Emporia, Kansas at the Holiday Inn Express. The commericals were right; it was a great room and the bed was very comfortable. I left Emporia at about 8 a.m. this morning and drove another 9 hours and made it into Lubbock around 5:30. The weather had been great the entire trip, although it was fairly windy. About an hour outside Lubbock it started to rain. Upset that my bike was getting poured on I pressed into Lubbock and frantically unloaded my car. As I was moving the bag into my room the rain let up...go figure. I am staying at the Overton Hotel, which is where all the event information is being held. Again, the room was amazing and I look right across the street to Texas Tech University.

Since the rain had let up, and I didn't get a workout in yesterday I scrambled into my bike clothes eager to go out and explore Lubbock and the Texas Tech Campus. Little side note: my little racing bike tires don't like rain...or standing water for that matter. I got out on the road and realized there was NO bike lane. Obviously the students at TTU don't bike too much on the roads. I crossed the road and started to bike around the campus. Every building was intriging and interesting, but they were all the same color and shape. So about 10 minutes in I found myself all turned around, searching for the massive height of my hotel from across the street. I rode back to the hotel and kind of chalked it up as a bust. Tomorrow it is suppossed to be warmer and dryer so I hope I can get a better indication of what riding will be like.

For dinner I went to Ruby Tequila's Mexican Kitchen, which turned out to be the college hang there was Texas Tech shirts and hats galore. I walked in with my Wisconsin gear and definately stood out like a sore thumb. After a excellent dinner I headed home to clean up my bike, stretch, and call back home.

until tomorrow...



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dan Oryall: USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals #1

Edgewood College senior Dan Oryall (Madison, Wis./Verona Area HS) has dedicated much of his senior year to training for the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals to be held on Saturday, April 17 in Lubbock, Texas. The race consists of a 1,500 meter swim, a 40 km bike ride and a 10 km run. Dan has been instrumental in establishing the Edgewood College Triathlon Club and gaining membership in the Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference, so that Edgewood College could be represented at this event.

Dan will be submitting journal entries to the Eagle Blog, so we can all follow his progress at Nationals. His first entry is below...

As I sit here with my car packed up I am filled with mixed emotions. Just 18 hours down the road awaits Lubbock, Texas where I will soon be competing with the top 1,200 Collegiate triathletes in the USA. My head tells my body that I have worked hard enough and my stomach is filled with anxiety and anticipation. This whole process has been a big waiting game. It's funny to say, but it's almost movie worthy. It always seems cliche and cooler when it happens to someone else, but it is downplayed in your own life. I was able to gain a spot over the summer for this elite triathlon, but while out on a victory shake out run the next day I tripped in a pothole while it was raining. With a small tear in my meniscus I wasn't able to recover quickly enough and join my teammates on the cross country team. I regret not being able to help them out all season, but it appears that they didn't need it, and I was a spectator to the first men's cross country conference championship in school history. Next I decided I would forgo my track season to train completely for this triathlon. The months dragged by as I swam, biked and ran. Now that the race is less than a week away, I am finally ready. Ready to show my teammates what made me absent, ready to prove to myself I trained hard enough and ready to show the rest of the triathlon world what an Edgewood College athlete can do.

Now all that awaits me is the starting gun...



Wish Dan luck on his Facebook page

USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals promotional video


Friday, April 9, 2010

Sidearm Scoop: The Karaoke and Lizard Hunting edition

We are finally back from our spring trip and it was an up and down trip to say the least. It had its highs, (three wins in which we scored 17 or more runs) and lows (a three game losing streak) but overall it was a trip in which a lot of good things happened. We went up against the current #1 ranked team in Division III and saw that when all is said and done we are a few mental errors away from being at that elite level.

One of my favorite things about baseball is the players who fly under the radar and step up when their number is finally called. We all knew Jimy Landwehr and Tim Barry would be the heart of our offense and Matt Krueger would lead our pitching rotation, but it has been great to see all the people who step up around them. If I told you that Erik Massey would be hitting second in our lineup and that Jack Lowry would lace two doubles to help win our first conference game you would of told me I was crazy, but that is exactly what has happened. Everyone on this team knows their role and is not afraid to step when needed.

The road trip provided several entertaining moments including such things as karaoke, catching lizards and almost spending a week in maximum security prison for playing football in the pool. The karaoke contest was pathetic this year so I will not give any more details other than to say Patrick Clerkin won, Blake O'Brien got people to laugh once, Brevin was better than all of them, James Bertakis should retire, and Jason Towns was just downright embarrassing. A truly poor display by the newcomers and hopefully we can recruit some real talent for next year's trip.

One of my personal favorites about Florida is the chance to let out my inner Steve Irwin and start hunting for the ever elusive Florida Anole. I have long dominated the human vs. lizard match up but during our first game against SUNY-Purchase I met a lizard who put my skills to the test. During the second inning of the game Billy Devault spotted one of the biggest lizards I have ever seen. As I began to move in for the capture the lizard outsmarted me and scurried into a near by pole where he thought he was safe. The lizard won round one but I was determined not to let him get the best of me. I began stuffing all of the exits with paper cups so there was only one exit and then the waiting game began. During the fifth inning he finally poked his head out of the pole and I knew the time had arrived for our final showdown. He looked me right in the eyes and said "catch me if you can" then made his move and tried to escape. However, the lizard underestimated my quickness and I pounced on him and made him my prisoner. Only a pitcher would have this much free time to capture a lizard.

It was a great trip overall and I would just like to leave you all with some last tidbits I took away from the trip......

1. PG and under movies are nowhere near as a good as they used to be.
2. Patrick Clerkin snores so loud you can hear him with noise cancelling headphones on and your ipod turned all the way up.
3. You know it's been a long trip when someone asks "Is Easter on Sunday or Monday?"


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sausage Race!!

Five members of the Edgewood College softball program got the chance of a lifetime during their spring trip to Arizona. Emily Monson (#1 Brat), Hannah Grossen (#2 Polish), Kristen Salvatore (#3 Italian), Rachel Elliott (#4 Hot Dog), and Coach Mike Metcalf (#5 Chorizo) ran in the sausage race at the Milwaukee Brewers spring training game against the San Francisco Giants on March 29, 2010. Thanks to Rick Monson and Rachel Elliott for these pictures!

Words can't express how jealous the Edgewood College SID is...