Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Featured Soccer Alumnus: Rachel Klos

Head men's and women's soccer coach Tim Alexander, includes profiles of Alumni in his periodical newsletter. We're happy to share those profiles here on the Eagle Blog:

Rachel Klos
Born: Madison, Wis.
High School: LaFollette High School
Edgewood College Degree: BS – Major in Biology, 1999
UW School of Veterinary: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 2004
UW School of Medicine and Public Health: Masters in Public Health

I didn’t realize that you could have so many degrees. Congratulations to Rachel for her hard work and getting her degrees.

Rachel’s Roommates in College
-Connie O’Brien (Nelson)
-Molly Naughton (Romano) (That Romano guy could eat a lot)
-Tanya Kramer
-Kate Zomboracz (Lubchansky)
-Katie Hughes (Stevens)

What a great group of girls (women). They will always be younger than me but they do grow up.

Rachel says they were the ABSOLUTE BEST roommates anyone could have. They lived on Drake Street (they did hills just getting into that house)for three fabulous years, and they only had one shower for the five of them. They all keep in touch and are there for each other.

Rachel’s first job was trying to convince me why Democrats are good for the country and I should vote for Clinton. Well that didn’t work so she went on to spend five years in school after graduating so Rachel is still trying to figure out what her first job really was. She has been working at the Wisconsin Division of Public Health since 2006 and is presently an epidemiologist (what the heck is that) in the Bureau of Communicable Diseases and works on food and waterborne outbreak investigations. (Rachel, can you give us your take on the Swine Flu, are we okay?)

I think we went through this with Scott Mejia but Rachel says she didn’t have a single best memory but what was important to her was her playing soccer and meeting her roommates and sharing the years with them. She did keep me awake while driving the bus talking about politics and she thought she could teach me new tricks but as Rachel says “you can’t teach a OLD DOG new tricks”.

Alumni Game Appearances: a few (can’t turn down playing at Breese)

Rachel is still playing soccer during the winter and outside during the summer (should take up golf like me Rachel easier on the body) and gets to play against the players who play for the Eagles now.

The best place that Rachel has traveled to is Bangledesh and she traveled with a group of veterinaries. They went to work with the local dairy farmers and veterinaries. Rachel says “it was truly an amazing experience and changed her life.” It changed Her life but she still votes Democratic.

I want to thank Rachel for giving us all of this information. Remember that the Alumni games will be Saturday August 29th. Mark your calendars even though you can’t play we would like as many alumni to return as possible.

I would like to ask all of you if to give me ideas of someone who I should highlight for June. I will be trying to do one player each month and switching the gender each month.

Thanks for all you have done for the Eagle Soccer program and also the Eagle Athletic

Saturday, May 23, 2009

La Follette duo to play baseball at Edgewood College

Dennis Semrau of The Captial Times reports on his blog that two local high school baseball players intend to become Eagles next year:

On Preps: La Follette duo to play baseball at Edgewood College (by Dennis Semrau, The Capital Times)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ben Larson calling games for T-Bones

Ben Larson, one of two regular broadcasters on Edgewood College Eagle athletic events, is working this summer for the Kansas City T-Bones of the independent Northern League. Their season is already underway, so if you miss the soothing sounds of Ben's voice, log-in, listen and pretend he's in the Edgedome or out at Stampfl Field.

Ben Larson Named New "Voice of the T-Bones"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feature story on Jamie Kurt

Jane Burns of The Capital Times has written an outstanding feature story on Edgewood College softball player Jamie Kurt. The piece appears in the Wednesday, May 6 edition. The story also appears on Madison.com and is linked here: