Thursday, December 17, 2009

Edgewood College Magazine - Winter 2009

Read the on-line version of the latest edition of the Edgewood College Magazine. Simply clikc on the magazine to view the pages at full size. Press ESC to return to the Eagle Blog. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matt Werner: Guatemalan Adventure #4

Edgewood College baseball alum Matt Werner is spening six months in Guatemala. The first three parts of his blog can be found here, here and here.

Well, so far the kids at the school have been practicing baseball for about two weeks and although they haven't mastered the techniques of catching and throwing they have been begging me to do some hitting. So today using a tennis ball and a stick we played a little stickball with the gloves (now up to 8 in quantity thanks to the Gandara family down here). So we didn't have enough players for two teams or enough gloves for one complete team but the kids loved learning the rules and hitting the ball. After the game the kids told me they want to play everyday who knows what will happen when all the kids come back at the beginning of the school year..maybe tryouts??

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eagle Softball raffle

The Edgewood College women's softball team is conducting a fundraising raffle to support their program. Eagle players will be on hand at home basketball games to sell the $10 tickets. The final drawing for four outstanding prizes will take place on Saturday, January 23 at Jam the Gym. Winners need not be present.

Eagle Softball Raffle Prizes:
- 52" Sony Bravia HDTV
- Nintendo Wii
- Sony Reader Pocket Edition
- Garmin GPS NUVI

If you'd like to purchase a ticket, you can do so from any softball student-athlete, or contact Head Coach J.P. Richards at


Monday, December 7, 2009

Men's Cross Country Recap: Bethany Brewster

Head cross country coach Bethany Brewster talks to David Petroff about the 2009 men's cross country season. The Eagles claimed their first ever conference title and freshman Josh Williams qualified for the NCAA Championships.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Matt Werner: Guatemalan Adventure #3

Part Three of Matt Werner's blog on his time spent in Guatemala. You can read Part One and Part Two here.

Today, was the second day of class and we learned phrases like: Hello, my name is... Nice to meet you...How are you...I am well...and numbers 1-20 and did some activities like introducing ourselves to others and writing out the numbers of people's ages we know from 1-20 using the English word form. After class was the first day we practiced baseball!! Yes I said baseball!! I have about 2 gloves I brought down from Wisconsin and Enrique Gandara (board of trustee member at Edgewood who is overseeing my expedition) gave me 4 gloves he had at his house in Guatemala city. So we learned how to throw and catch. We are going to practice again tomorrow because the kids love it although they look like it is the first time they have played the sport (because it is).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fall Season Recap with Ben Oestreich

Head women's tennis coach Ben Oestreich speaks with Sports Information Director David Petroff about the 2009 fall tennis season which resulted in the Eagles' second straight Northern Athletics Conference Championship. He also takes a sneak peek toward the spring and the NCAA Championships slated for May 2010.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Josh Williams' NCAA Championship journal #3

Saturday: I woke up at 8:30 and blended my usual breakfast beverage. After that I went down to the breakfast area where all my friends, family and coaches were and talked with them for a little while. I went back to my room and gathered my racing gear. At 10:15 I hopped in the van and off to the course we go! Once we got there the parking lot the crew told us that the lot was full and had to park down the street even though we saw open parking spots in the upper parking lot.

The course was filled with tons of runners and a lot more spectators. It felt like state cross country last year because there were mobs of people from different teams wearing little clothes but a lot of paint and screaming at the top of their lungs trying to be the top cheering teams. But since there were more racers, more spectators were there.

After the womens race started, I went on my warm-up and inspected the new and beaten up course. The mud seemed to have gotten muddier and the possible sloppy areas turned in to definite sloppy areas where you could see racers feet sink in around their ankles. I got back to the big heated tent and Coach B helped me put my bibs (4 bibs, 16 safety pins and 2 chip timers) I think they went a little overboard with the chips and hip numbers/bibs.

I started doing a few strides before the race and was watching everyone from both starting lines. The idea of a double starting line is crazy because everyone crashes into each other about 400 meters into the race but I really enjoyed it!

Race started and everyone sprinted off to the front, trying to claim the lead and getting into a good position for the next 4.8 miles. I got out ok and my first mile was where it was at regionals last week. My mind was going all over the place because the spectators were screaming soooooo loud and the mud was just incredible! Every 400 meters or so my feet would sink into the muddy slop that would murder any momentum that I had to really make moves at crucial parts of the race. I got a cramp in the middle of the race that effected me a little bit but I finished kind of strong even though my time was a lot slower than my recent times. Oh well, I went into this race going for the experience and having fun. And even though I didn’t think I raced too well I had a blast!

Once I passed the finish line, I found Coach Chris and we talked to the Lynchburg coach who’s male individual won the race. We congratulated him and I talked to the two women from their team who I met at the banquet before asking how they raced and such. We got back to the tent and met up with Andrew, Connor, Alex and Annie who cheered me on the whole race. Following my cool down I went to lunch with them and they were on their way for the long trip back to Madison.

I got back to my room, threw on my swim suit and walked over to the hot-tub! I met a girl from New Jersey who was very nice. She was a spectator for her sister who was next to her. They left the hot tub and I talked with the parents of the winner of the men’s race which was funny because I didn’t know who he was until like 10 min. into our conversation.

For dinner we went to a really good pizza restaurant that my mom and sister looked up and we all went to it. The pizza was amazing! I ate a ton and was stuffed! We drove back to the hotel and I packed my things, checked my email, and played some computer games then went to sleep.

Its morning now and I’m in the car over half way home! I can’t wait to get home!

Side note: when I was looking at the course on Friday I had the biggest blond moment ever! I was walking back to the car with Coach Chris when I saw an Ohio license plate. Right there I said “OH LOOK! An Ohio license plate!!!” and Coach Chris then informed me that we were in Ohio.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Josh Williams NCAA Championship journal #2

Well the beds are extremely comfortable here. I tried to get to sleep around 10:30 here but stayed awake a bit longer because of the time change. Coach Brewster said we would meet for breakfast between 8:30 and 9:30. Coach Chris and I got there at 8:30 and had a great breakfast. Made to order breakfast…omelets, bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit…everything you could want in a breakfast.

Afterwards I chilled in my room for a while and then we decided to go to the course at 11:00. The course is less than 2 miles from our hotel so it was a quick drive. My thoughts on the course: hilly, wet, a bit muddy…it should be a great day tomorrow to run. Hopefully it won’t be so windy though. Usually the course is marked by two solid white lines. This course is lined (literally) by thousands of tiny BW (Baldwin-Wallace) flags (kind of like those orange electrical flags) one after another about 2 feet apart (souvenir anyone??).

I stayed in my room for the rest of the day mostly, just trying to stay relaxed. We did go to the student athlete banquet last night. Although we got there right before it started we got the best seat in the banquet hall, the table that was first to the food line. Great pick Coach Brewster! Oh yeah, and right before we got inside the banquet hall we saw this great big dog named Conner (check out the picture). All in all it was a great night.

A bunch of family (my mom and sister) and friends (Garvey, Connor, Alex, and Annie) drove all the way from Madison to see me run tomorrow. I’m excited to race tomorrow. I’m just going to take it all in and enjoy the experience. I’ll keep you posted on the results! Race is in less than 3 hours!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Todd Adrian interview 11-20-09

Head men's basketball coach Todd Adrian, talks about his team's upcoming games in the Albion College Tipoff Tournament.

Josh Williams' NCAA Championship journal #1

Edgewood College's Josh Williams is keeping a journal of his trip to the NCAA Men's Cross Country Championships in Cleveland, Ohio. Here is his first entry upon arrival:

Thursday: Got in the car at 8:30 and arived at 5:30 pm at Cleveland, Ohio. The trip was very long and boring due to the fact that my laptop ran out of batteries in mid-movie. I watched Transformers 2 and looked at a few running magazines/books. Slept for about and hour in the car. We went out to Red Robin once we arived at the hotel. The hotel is amazing!! Very large with a king size bed and the layout of the hotel is very nice. After dinner I hung out in my room for a little bit before going to bed.

Matt Werner: Guatemalan Adventure #2

Former Edgewood College baseball student-athlete Matt Werner is spending six months in Guatemala soaking up the culture and giving back to the citizens who live there. This is the second blog entry. You can read the first one here.

From there we headed south for the border town of Pharr, Texas. WHAT A CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE AND WE WERE STILL IN THE UNITED STATES!!! If anyone ever has the chance to visit a southern border town...let me tell you how different the lifestyle is there. Everyone seemed to be bilingual if not solely a spanish speaker and the design of the town is so "transient" based. Everyone seemed to be moving one direction or the other yet at the same time there were so many business employees, which meant that there were also a lot of residents in the town. I really have no idea how someone could live or raise a family in a town as fast paced as that but families did exist there. So with the help of a border crossing company who handled our paperwork, we were ready to make the crossing the next day and reach Tampico, Mexico. Of course we had to make a few adjustments to the trucks before we could cross such as re-wiring the brake lights on one of the trucks in order to load the other truck on it's dolly so we would have an easier time crossing the border with the pickups stacked together. Then of course Monday was Columbus day which apparently the Mexican government observes as well, so that put us back another day. However, the following morning we woke at 7am and left by 8am in order to make it into the long line of vehicles looking to make the crossing. Unfortunately we encountered a rude American border guard who would not let us stay in line while we waited for our car titles to be handed to us from the border crossing company. So we were booted out of line and had to wait at the gas station all morning before we could get back in line. Luckily, Leslie was able to use her Fire Marshall badge in order to gain a little sympathy from the guard who would help us out later.

Leaving the United States was easy and passing through into Mexico wasn't much harder however Kico later informed us that, it was by far the easiest crossing he had ever faced. Perhaps it was the fact we were coming in a school bus and a pickup or maybe the fact that Leslie had shown her fire inspector badge to the guard and told him that she needed to get back on duty as quickly as possible and it would be a big help if he helped us pass...I'll never know. So as we entered Mexico it was a long, long, long, way to Tampico and the Mexican highway system only slowed us down. For a country that is treated as a highway to the rest of the Central America, you would think they would designate a special highway system for those migrating through to use, however I quickly learned that Mexico is full of potholes, dirty roads, and two way highways. The first checkpoint system we reached, I was instructed, and later learned how beneficial it is to play the dumb gringo role, while dealing with the authorities. As they separated me and the other truck from Kico, Leslie and the school bus, I encountered the first guard who looked at me and asks "American?" I answered yes and he waved me through without even asking for papers. The next guy sees I am American and just does a quick look through the cars and passes me to the last guy who looks like the stereotypical, very smug, very full knowing of how the bribe system works, kind of guard. So he asks me in Spanish where I'm going and I say in English I am a missionary. So he starts smiling cause he knows he has me. So he asks again where I'm going and points down the road, so I tell him Tampico. So then he asks in Spanish (this whole time I know what he is saying and where he is going with it, but I still pretend like I don't understand) if I know how much the toll is. I wasn't aware that there was a toll however he told me the toll was 100 pesos. I would later learn that there was no toll. So I keep playing the dumb gringo and say I only have 20 pesos. So he then says, ok 20 is enough. So then he says to me "vas a aprender" (you're going to learn) meaning I'm going to learn how to give a bribe to this schmuck guard. So he tells and motions for me to lower my hand with the money in it and to give him, my papers. So as I do, he barely glances at them and then gives them back to me with his other hand hidden underneath, motioning for the money. So then he hides the money in his hand and stuffs it in his shirt and tells me to move on. So I leave fully knowing I just avoided giving him 80 pesos that he had tried to cheat me out of. It must be a tough life for those who don't know the bribe culture in Mexico.

After we left, Leslie and I drove the red pickup with the other pickup attached to the car carrier. At one point we were driving down a typical two lane highway with what appeared to be newly laid asphalt. In fact the asphalt was so new that on the shoulder of our lane there appeared to be the work of new poorly smoothed blacktop. So as we are going on a slight downhill the small red pickup we are in slowly gains speed, from 45 to 50 to 55 almost 60 mph in a Nissan Frontier that didn't have the cargo capacity to pull the other pickup we had attached more than 30mph on an incline. So the speed picks up, the pickup in the back starts to swerve and fishtail and the red truck starts to fishtail with it going about 55 mph on a deserted Mexican highway. I have been in one car in my life that has left the ground and done a full rotation in the air and thankfully landed on its wheels, free from oncoming traffic. And I swear that if we would have let the car swerve anymore I would be in Mexican ditch right now somewhere between the United States and Tampico, Mexico off of highway 101. That was the closest I have come to flipping a pickup with another pickup attached to the back. Luckily, thanks to the careful watch of Kico and the advice of Leslie the red pickup slowed with gravity as I eased off the gas and I put the brake on hard in order to align the pickup again with the back of mine. That was the first extremely close call. The second came on the same night while we were driving through a town with the pickup trucks illegally unattached (the papers stipulated that we had to cross the border with the pickups attached, I don't know why, but it was a rule based on our migration status) and Leslie without tail lights. Just the opportunity a policia federal (federal mexican police) or the local mexican police look for in order to induce the driver to give them a healthy bribe or "mordida". So as we are driving through the town we pull over on the side of the road to decide if we want to try to make it to Tampico the first night or stay where we were (it was dark at this point and one of the worst things to do unless you are in a semi-trailer is to drive at night through Mexico).

So we decided to try for Tampico which was not a good idea but paid off for us in the end. So within about 3 mins of us decided to head to Tampico and back on the road, a local mexican cop from the town spots Leslie without running night lights and pulls her over. So Leslie and I immediately get on our walkie-talkies in order to tell Kico, who is in the lead, to stop and "talk" it over with the Mexican cop. Later we would learn that Kico's walkie-talkie battery had died. So Kico unknowingly drives on while Leslie is being pulled over by a Mexican city cop. I immediately pull over in front of her and go to confront the cop who is already interrogating Leslie who cannot speak a sentence of Spanish. So in the late dusk of the evening with barely any street lights around us, I go to try and plead ourselves to this cop. I do my best friendly American impression and start asking him what the problem is, fully knowing what was wrong. So he asks me why the lights don't work. Luckily, the brake, reverse, and turn signal lights worked on Leslie's truck, only not the running lights. So I tell him the lights that we need to navigate the traffic, do work. Then I start playing the dumb gringo role and saying I don't understand whats wrong and that we just need to get to Tampico tonight to be safe. So this cop mulls it over in his brain..option 1: try to get a bribe out of these dumb gringos or option 2: send them on their way and get them out of my jurisdiction or option 3: give them a ticket. Luckily he was more nervous about us interrupting his slow night rather than doing his job, so he told us that normally he would give a ticket for this type of infraction but rather tonight we should just be careful and arrive in Tampico soon. So we started on our way again not knowing where we would find Kico, luckily we found him five minutes further down the highway on the side of the road trying to figure out what to do. So after explaining to him what happened we started driving again as a whole group.

Next (about 10 minutes later) we encountered three very agile, low to the ground cars that appeared to be attempting to split us up. This turned out to be one of the scariest moments of the whole trip. As we were driving down a dark highway in the middle of the Mexican desert these three cars split up and each one gets in front of one of us. So we went from the line of cars going Kico, Leslie, Me, to Kico, Unknown Car A, Leslie, Unknown Car B, Me, Unknown Car C. This was not a good sign. Kico would later tell us that is one of the most common scheme attempts of car theft/highway robbery in Mexico. The cars are all working together, they single out a car and force it off the road, robbing the driver of his money, possessions, and possibly car and/or life. So as this is all happening and I realize that Kico still doesn't have a working walkie talkie. So the moment of truth comes. I am the last car and I see a corona bottle come flying back behind the car in front of me and hit the road directly in front of my passenger side front wheel. So I swerve out of the way of it and try to pass the car. They notice me trying to pass and realize my wheels are still intact and I would not slow down for them. So they all merge into the other lane for oncoming traffic and leave us. Later, Kico would confirm my suspicion, that one method of thieves is to fill a glass corona bottle with nails and throw it out of their window to the car behind them attempting to give the car a flat tire and forcing it off the road in order to make for vulnerable prey. After that we quickly found a hotel and relaxed for the night. The next day we made it just short of Veracruz on the Mexican gulf coast without any major delays or problems other than the scorching heat, humidity, and dehydration one feels while driving through Mexico.

The last day we make it to the border and make it through to the Guatemalan side by 12 pm noon which according to Kico was a good sign. So we are in the Guatemalan border hoping to get through quickly in order to make it to the farm and avoid another hotel fee but we were blocked by the good will and nature we had. A situation had arisen in which two young Guatemalan girls were attempting to bring a car across the border and were being treated very poorly by the Guatemalan authorities. So Kico intervened and helped them get through the border unfortunately at the cost of our paperwork not being cleared and forcing us to stay the night in the border town. So the next day we got up and were sure to start out early and arrive at Kico's Guatemala ranch by early afternoon...however we didn't anticipate the gridlock traffic we found on the highway that limited us from moving more than half a mile in a total of 6 hours. Apparently, just before we had reached a certain point in the road, two police officers were killed no less than a mile ahead of where we were and thanks to all the traffic on our side that all tried to push ahead to the front of the line using both lanes of the highway only causing more of a traffic jam we were forced to sit in one position for 5-6 hours. So after that later in the day around evening time we were able to make it through the "accident" site and get to the farm just before 10pm that night. So after 6,000 miles, 12 days, and more than a few close calls of car accidents, mexican jails, and highway robberies we arrived safely at the farm of Enrique Gandara in Oliveros, Guatemala. My plan is to stay here for 9 months teaching English and Computers to young students at the elementary school and any other person in the rural town who would like to learn. So that concludes this update of my adventure and I hope you found it well worth the time to read it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eagle Men's Basketball at Loras highlights

Highlights from Edgewood College men's basketball's season opening game at Loras College. The Eagles' second half rally fell short as the Duhawks took an 83-74 victory.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interview with Josh Williams

Freshman Josh Williams talks about qualifying for the NCAA Division III Men's Cross Country Championships. Williams will run for the national title this Saturday in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cornell College Classic to broadcast Eagle games

We learned today the Cornell College will be providing Live Video and Live Stats of both Edgewood College women's basketball games at the Cornell College Classic. The Eagles meet Mount Mercy (Iowa) at 8:00 p.m. on Friday and turn around to play Nebraska Wesleyan at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Eagles at Cornell College Classic Live Video and Live Stats

Friday, November 13, 2009

Matt Werner: Guatemalan Adventure #1

Former Edgewood College student-athlete Matt Werner is living for nine months at Kico's Ranch in Guatamala. learning the culture and exploring our world. Below is the first in a series of blog entries Matt will be writing for us:

It's really a pleasure to be greeting you from where I am. Upon my graduation from Edgewood College in May of 2009 I saw two paths ahead of me. One didn't look very promising and the other although challenging looked to prove much more beneficial. So along with the help of my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend and her family and especially her father, Enrique Gandara, I decided to consolidate my possessions, put them in the house of my parents and uproot myself to Oliveros, Santa Rosa, Guatemala. Just to give you an idea it is in the south east region of Guatemala nearest the Pacific coast and El Salvador. The goal of my endeavor is to put a capstone upon one of the degrees I received in college. Although I studied Spanish for about 8 years in and out of the classroom, my ability with the language is still not near a level that I or others would consider to be professionally usable. So I have decided, along with the assistance of Enrique to spend about 9 months on his farm in Oliveros teaching English and computer usage at the local public elementary school. So far I have experienced a number of "firsts". Starting in Madison, Wisconsin from where I graduated and is the home of Enrique and his wonderful family, I embarked on a land cruising journey in order to help Enrique bring down a number of items to start his cultural tourist business (get a sneak peek of it at and continue his machinery importation business. So we left Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday October 6th and headed south to Louisiana.

After reaching Louisiana we realized we had not sent the titles of the cars we were going to import to the Mexican authorities 72 hours before we were going to arrive (in order for them to check and make sure the cars had not been reported stolen). So after arriving in Opelousas, LA (20 mins north of Lafayette) on Wednesday night we settled in for what we knew would be longer stay in Louisiana than what we were hoping. But what a weekend it was. The hospitality shown to us (Enrique nicknamed Kico, Leslie (another driver with us), and I) was extremely comforting and the food was of exquisite taste. I am now a fan of the cajuns and quite fond of their cooking and creole french language. So knowing it better for us to start out earlier rather than later, we left on a Saturday (hoping to make it through the border on Monday) but were stopped quickly as we suffered our first major engine trouble. One of the pickup trucks we were driving had three small holes in the radiator and was burning oil. Luckily Kico has quite a generous family down there, who have an immense knowledge of cars and they obliged to help us out. So while Kico took off with Uncle George to repair the radiator, Leslie and I decided to try our luck at the local trucker stop/video poker arcade. So after winning four dollars I decided to keep playing as my thirst for gambling was sweltering at that point. Long story short I spent the four dollars hoping to make more and lost it along with another two on 25 cent deuces wild poker. But it was a small price to pay for occupying 30 minutes of my time.

So upon Kico, George, and George's son return, the radiator was repaired and George and his son left us bidding farewell on our upcoming border crossing. Unfortunately the radiator was only the first of two major problems. The whole time we had been waiting for them to return, the engine had become flooded. So at this point, our 30 year veteran mechanic had left us and the car was choking on oil. Fortunately, George was not far off and came back to fiddle with one of the spark plugs to make the oil go down and engine turn over. Luckily, the engine started behaving and we are on our way to Houston for the night. I am so grateful to my Aunt Michelle and her kind husband Marlin as they treated us to a very satisfying meal near their house in Houston along with their daughter Sally and Sally's new baby boy Vincent. So after spending a very relaxing dinner with them and Marlin and Michelle allowing Kico to clean up in their bathroom (because he had been working on the engine all day with George) we traveled a few exits down the highway to the house of a very dear friend of my father, Steve Tacconelly. Kico, Leslie, and I are really so very grateful to y'all, Steve and Suzanne for opening up your home and breakfast table to us that night and the following morning. It was such a treat to spend time with you and your adorable kids. We are also so grateful for all the help you sent with us to aid us on our journey. Thank you guys so much!

Check back in a few days for more on Matt's adventure to Guatemala (with pictures!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Enrollment figures solid at state's private colleges

With the economy in the tank and the number of yearly state high school graduates in decline, it's no secret that many college leaders were concerned about their enrollment numbers this fall.

But preliminary figures are looking solid for the state's private institutions. Read more...

Enrollment figures soild at state's private colleges by Todd Finkelmeyer of the The Capital Times


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NAC Cross Country photo gallery posted

We've posted a new photo gallery from the Northern Athletics Conference Cross Country Championships on October 31. The Eagle men claimed thier first ever conference crown, while the women placed second. The pictures are courtesy of Adam Brown and Chris Weinard. Enjoy!

NAC Cross Country Championships Photo Gallery


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Men's Golf ranked 17th in region

The Edgewood College men's golf team is ranked 17th of 60 teams in the region at the conclusion of the fall season, according to The Eagles the highest ranked out of four Northern Athletics Conference teams in the top 22 in the rankings. St. John's University was the top ranked team.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New soccer photo galleries posted

Two new E-NOR-MOUS photo galleries from the Eagles' men's and women's soccer matches against Wisconsin Lutheran College are posted on Photographer Todd K. Olsen supplied his whole aresenal. Enjoy!

Edgewood College Photo Galleries


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feature story on Tim Alexander

Wednesday's edition of the Capital Times contains a feature story about Tim Alexander, who is approaching his 200th win as Edgewood College's men's soccer coach. Alexander will become just the fifth coach in NCAA history to win 200 men's soccer games and 200 women's soccer games. The story also appears on The link is found below.

Edgewood College's soccer coach on verge of milestone win (by Matt Fox,

Friday, October 9, 2009

Volleyball photo gallery posted!

Check out the photo gallery from last Tuesday's volleyball match against Maranatha Baptist:

Volleyball vs. Maranatha Baptist (10/6/09) Photo Gallery


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NAC Women's Golf Championship Photo Gallery posted

We've posted a new photo gallery from the NAC Women's Golf Championships. Enjoy!

2009 NAC Women's Golf Championships (at Glen Erin G.C. in Janesville, Wis.)


Black and White World Series!

Yes, the Major League Baseball playoffs are starting, but the real drama is at Stampfl Field on Thursday and Friday where the Edgewood College baseball team will split into two, take-no-prisoners squads to play in the Black and White World Series. The winner of the best-of-three affair receives the Eagle Cup, which is ... well ... a trophy like no other. Yeah, that's safe to say.

The winners will also be posting their Championship interviews here on the blog to let the world know that they'll never have to play baseball again without their Cup!
Here are the rosters:

Baseball Parents and Family reception

The Edgewood College baseball program hosted a reception for their players and parents following the annual Alumni Game at Stampfl Field. The event was part of Edgewood College's homecoming festivities on the weekend of October 3-4, 2009.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Coach Adrian to speak at WBCA Clinic

Edgewood College head men's basketball coach Todd Adrian will be a guest speaker at the annual Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Coaches' Clinic. Adrian and other selected coaches will be presenting topics to high school and college coaches at the clinic on Friday evening at the Madison Marriott West. Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan, Marquette coach Buzz Williams and West Virginia coach Bob Huggins are also slated to speak.

Women's Golf team can hoop!

What better way to get out some of the pre-NAC Women's Golf Championship nervousness, then by playing a little 2-on-2 in the Edgedome. The Eagle women's golf team shows they can play big-ball, indoor sports too.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Interview: Volleyball coach Paul Schlomer

Edgewood College women's volleyball coach Paul Schlomer talks about his team's strong start to the season and shares his expectations for the upcoming Wheaton College Invitational.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interview: Ben Oestreich, Women's Tennis Coach

Edgewood College Head Women's Tennis Coach Ben Oestreich talks about his team's success through the first half of their schedule and what fans can look forward to heading into second half of the season.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tennis pictures posted!

Hey, I finally got some new action pictures in for the tennis team, (thanks to Dennis Hemp). Check out the whole gallery at the link below. Coach Oestreich would like you to notice that those are new uniforms.

Women's Tennis vs. Dominican and Wisconsin Lutheran Photo Gallery


Monday, September 14, 2009

Eddy the Eagle thinks he can dance!

Everybody step back and watch the absurd bird get down with crowd and the FitKids Fun Run.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eddy entertains at the FitKids Run

Eddy the Eagle was in prime form, entertaining kids, leading stretching and posing for pictures at the annual FitKids Wisconsin Fun Run around the Capitol Square. Click the link below for a photo gallery of the day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

More photo galleries posted!

We've put up two more photo galleries from the past week. There's nearly 200 photos from the Eagles' volleyball match against UW-Platteville and there's a whole big stack from the Culver's Edgewood College Men's Golf Invitational. We also put them up on our Facebook page so you can view them there as well. Enjoy!

Edgewood College Eagles' Photo Galleries

Friday, September 4, 2009

Eddy crashes P.E. class

So what do you get when a five and a half foot bird enters an 8th grade physical education class? Well, you get a bunch of confused 13 year olds and you get evidence that Eagles are meant to fly, but not necessarily to jump.

Softball program running Brat Sale on Saturday

The Edgewood College softball team will be hosting a Brat Sale on Saturday at the Shoe Box in Black Earth. If you are on your way into Madison for the Badger Football game, be sure to stop by their tent and pick up your pre-game fuel.

Eddy the Eagle's favorite brat: Johnsonville with a pickle spear laid inside the bun. Heaven!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Women's Soccer Alumni Photo Gallery

I've added a huge gallery of the women's soccer alumni game from the previous weekend, thanks to Mr. Berg.

2009 Women's Soccer Alumni Game Photo Gallery


Soccer photo galleries posted

Photo galleries from Edgewood College's season opening matches are now posted on and Facebook. Enjoy! Photo Galleries

Edgewood College Eagles Facebook page


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eagle coaches offer advice for new college students

The Capital Times contacted several members of Dane County's higher education scene to get their words of wisdom for students entering college for the first time. Among the advice givers is Edgewood College men's and women's soccer coach Tim Alexander and women's basketball coach Casey Thousand. Pearl Leonard-Rock of Edgewood College's Center for Diversity and Inclusion and John Elliot of the Oscar Rennenbohm Library also offer their advice.

College experts offer words of wisdom for new students (by Todd Finkelmeyer of The Capital Times)


Friday, August 7, 2009

Stangel named assistant coach at UW-Platteville

Congratulations to Brad Stangel, former men's basketball graduate assistant for Edgewood College. Brad has been hired as an assistant coach at his alma mater, UW-Platteville. He plans to finish his Masters degree from Edgewood College.

Best of luck, Brad!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Capital Times: Edgewood hires Thousand

Coverage from the Capital Times on Edgewood College hiring Casey Thousand as the Eagles' new women's basketball coach:

Edgewood College hires Barneveld's Thousand (by Adam Mertz, courtesy of The Capital Times and

Below is the story that aired on WMTV NBC-15 Tuesday night featuring footage from the introductory press conference with new hires Thousand and women's tennis coach Ben Oestreich.

The complete press conference can be found here.

And here's the coverage from

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eagle golfers busy on the summer circuit

Three Edgewood College men's golfers competed recently in the WSGA Wisconsin State Amateur Championships, but all three narrowly missed the cut after two rounds of play at Merrill Hills Country Club.

Brent Quade, representing the Monroe C.C., came the closest, missing the cut by just one shot with scores of 74 and 81 (155). Mike Battista shot 82 and 75 for Odana Hills G.C., while Aaron Gavin had an 81 and a 77, playing for Oakwood Park G.C.

Andrew Gutzman has qualified for the Wisconsin State Open which will be played on August 17-19 at Blackwolf Run.

Scheele throws out first pitch for Mallards

Former Edgewood College women's basketball standout Megan Scheele, threw out the first pitch for the Madison Mallards on Friday, July 24th at the Duck Pond. Reports from insider sources tell us it was sinking fastball on the outer half of the plate for a called strike.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gugel tops in the Home Talent League

Former Edgewood College baseball athlete Dan Gugel is leading the Eastern Section of the Home Talent League in hitting. Gugel is 27-for-55 on the season for a .491 batting average, which is tied for the best average in the entire Home Talent League.

Gugel, Peetz atop batting leaders (courtesy The Capital Times)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New tennis coach profiled in his hometown paper

New Edgewood College women's tennis coach Ben Oestreich was the subject of a featured interview in the Portage Daily Register. Oestreich, a native of Portage and a graduate of Portage High School, talks about the new challenges in front of him as he takes over the Eagle tennis program.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bertakis earns save in LCBL game

Edgewood College pitcher James Bertakis earned a save for the Michigan Rams in their 3-1 victory over the Blue Knights in a Livonia Collegiate Baseball League game on Wednesday night. You can read the full game story here:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Featured Soccer Alumnus: Rachel Klos

Head men's and women's soccer coach Tim Alexander, includes profiles of Alumni in his periodical newsletter. We're happy to share those profiles here on the Eagle Blog:

Rachel Klos
Born: Madison, Wis.
High School: LaFollette High School
Edgewood College Degree: BS – Major in Biology, 1999
UW School of Veterinary: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 2004
UW School of Medicine and Public Health: Masters in Public Health

I didn’t realize that you could have so many degrees. Congratulations to Rachel for her hard work and getting her degrees.

Rachel’s Roommates in College
-Connie O’Brien (Nelson)
-Molly Naughton (Romano) (That Romano guy could eat a lot)
-Tanya Kramer
-Kate Zomboracz (Lubchansky)
-Katie Hughes (Stevens)

What a great group of girls (women). They will always be younger than me but they do grow up.

Rachel says they were the ABSOLUTE BEST roommates anyone could have. They lived on Drake Street (they did hills just getting into that house)for three fabulous years, and they only had one shower for the five of them. They all keep in touch and are there for each other.

Rachel’s first job was trying to convince me why Democrats are good for the country and I should vote for Clinton. Well that didn’t work so she went on to spend five years in school after graduating so Rachel is still trying to figure out what her first job really was. She has been working at the Wisconsin Division of Public Health since 2006 and is presently an epidemiologist (what the heck is that) in the Bureau of Communicable Diseases and works on food and waterborne outbreak investigations. (Rachel, can you give us your take on the Swine Flu, are we okay?)

I think we went through this with Scott Mejia but Rachel says she didn’t have a single best memory but what was important to her was her playing soccer and meeting her roommates and sharing the years with them. She did keep me awake while driving the bus talking about politics and she thought she could teach me new tricks but as Rachel says “you can’t teach a OLD DOG new tricks”.

Alumni Game Appearances: a few (can’t turn down playing at Breese)

Rachel is still playing soccer during the winter and outside during the summer (should take up golf like me Rachel easier on the body) and gets to play against the players who play for the Eagles now.

The best place that Rachel has traveled to is Bangledesh and she traveled with a group of veterinaries. They went to work with the local dairy farmers and veterinaries. Rachel says “it was truly an amazing experience and changed her life.” It changed Her life but she still votes Democratic.

I want to thank Rachel for giving us all of this information. Remember that the Alumni games will be Saturday August 29th. Mark your calendars even though you can’t play we would like as many alumni to return as possible.

I would like to ask all of you if to give me ideas of someone who I should highlight for June. I will be trying to do one player each month and switching the gender each month.

Thanks for all you have done for the Eagle Soccer program and also the Eagle Athletic

Saturday, May 23, 2009

La Follette duo to play baseball at Edgewood College

Dennis Semrau of The Captial Times reports on his blog that two local high school baseball players intend to become Eagles next year:

On Preps: La Follette duo to play baseball at Edgewood College (by Dennis Semrau, The Capital Times)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ben Larson calling games for T-Bones

Ben Larson, one of two regular broadcasters on Edgewood College Eagle athletic events, is working this summer for the Kansas City T-Bones of the independent Northern League. Their season is already underway, so if you miss the soothing sounds of Ben's voice, log-in, listen and pretend he's in the Edgedome or out at Stampfl Field.

Ben Larson Named New "Voice of the T-Bones"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feature story on Jamie Kurt

Jane Burns of The Capital Times has written an outstanding feature story on Edgewood College softball player Jamie Kurt. The piece appears in the Wednesday, May 6 edition. The story also appears on and is linked here:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Capital Times coverage of the Quadrupleheader

The Captial Times picked up the story of the Eagle softball team's unique situation of having four games scheduled in a single day. If you didn't hear about it, click here for the original story from Otherwise, here is the coverage from The Capital Times and

College Softball: Edgewood to play 'quadrupleheader' on Tuesday (courtesy of sports)

Final game of 'quadrupleheader' sinks Edgewood (courtesy of sports)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Photo Galleries Galore!

It's amazing what you find when you start paying attention.

I posted some photo galleries of our fall sports a few months ago. It was kind of a laborious task because the interface at wasn't very smooth. But then in January, ICS upgraded their photo gallery package and wow! Now we had these amazing looking photo galleries, that were really simple to use.

Still, I was procrastinating on reloading the old galleries from the fall, because I thought it was going to take a long time to search through all those old galleries again. That's when I took a closer look at my new photo gallery upload tool and found a tiny little link that said "Convert Old Galleries." I clicked it and like magic I was able to put the old galleries into the new system one by one. Perfect!

It pays to stick your head out of the ground and look around once in a while!

Here they are for you to enjoy! We'll always add more every time we get new photography.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Featured Soccer Alumnus: Scott Mejia

Head men's and women's soccer coach Tim Alexander, includes profiles of Alumni in his periodical newsletter. We're happy to share those profiles here on the Eagle Blog:

Scott was the son of Hugo and Karen Mejia and was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Scott was married to Jennifer in 2002. They were married in Rochester, Minn. Scott and Jennifer have two sons Dylan (5) and Braeden (2).

In 1991, Scott graduated from Klamath Union High School, in 1995 graduated from Edgewood College with a degree in English with a writing concentration and received his Masters from Western Illinois University in 2008 with a degree in Sports Management.

Scott had three roommates while at Edgewood, Dan Gibson, Jeff Ornes and Michelle Repta.
I asked Scott to tell me about a story but he said he didn’t have any he could share with all of us. I do remember Scott telling me about an episode of Dan (Gibby) Gibson on the tree outside there apartment.

Scott played for Edgewood during the 1993, 1994 and 1995 seasons:

Statistics during Scott’s playing days:
1993 - 15 Games, 6 Goals, 2 Assists, 14 Points, 1st Team LMC
1994 - 23 Games (tied for 1st all-time) , 12 Goals (10th all-time), 3 Assists, 27 Points (ranks 10th all-time), 1st Team LMC, All-Region Team
1995 - 20 Games, 1 Goal, 4 Assists, 6 Points, 1st Team LMC, All Region Team
19 Total Goals ranks 9th All Time

Scott said “I am most proud of being selected to the NCAA All-Region Team”

After college Scott’s first full time job was working with Ameritech and his part time job was working the men’s and women’s soccer teams at Edgewood College. In 1999, Scott became the head men’s and women’s coach at Lakeland College where he turned Lakeland into a winner. In 2001, Scott moved on to Augustana College as the head men’s and women’s soccer coach and then in 2007 Scott gave up the men’s program to fully direct the women’s program and also is a Instructor for Physical Education at Augustana College. Scott is also the coaching director for Quad Cities United and has been for the past three years.

Scott’s best memories at Edgewood College were winning the LMC Conference Tournament his senior year and going to Guatemala for a Human Issues Study with Peter Fabian.

Scott has played in two Alumni Games and feels that he was the MVP of both Games (something I am sure Nate Brawner would argue over).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

King of Arms debuts Illusions

Edgewood College track athlete Chris Frey has released an EP album entitled Illusions under the name King of Arms. You can follow the links below to visit the King of Arms MySpace page and download the track from PureVolume.

King of Arms on MySpace

Download Illusions on PureVolume

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hot Corner Chronicles #1

Colleen Joyce, the Eagle Softball third baseman will be checking in from time to time on the Eagles' season. Here is her first entry...

Hey everybody! I am Colleen Joyce; I am a junior from Madison, Wisconsin, majoring in psychology. You will find me on the softball field playing the hot corner over at third base and getting big hits. I can’t wait for the weather to be nice so we can play some more games.

We got back from our spring training trip to Arizona about two weeks ago. We did not do as well as we would have liked but we had a good time and got a nice tan. We started off our season playing the Division III defending national champions, UW-Eau Claire. We finished our trip 4-6.

With having perfect weather every day, we had to make great use of the pool. By the pool there was an orange tree so, some of the girls enjoyed a delicious juicy orange after playing around with it in the pool. One of our great traditions in the pool is chicken fighting. Charli Metcalf and I are STILL the defending chicken fighting champions. It was a tough battle because there was blood drawn and we were down for a little bit but managed to get back up and beat Rachel Elliott and Emily Monson. It was a battle, to win the championship, between the east side and west side Madisonions. One of the best times at the pool was throwing Coach C into the pool while she was laying out.

After going out to dinner one of the vans had to make a pit stop at Walgreens to get something. Coach C and Steph Schafer went in and we wanted to hide the van so they would think we left with out them. Coach JP drives behind the building and parks on the side so we can see their expressions when they come out. But, that was not a good enough hiding spot so we drove to a burger joint and parked behind some bushes thinking they won’t see us…it still wasn’t a good enough hiding spot. So we drove across the street and watched them as they came out. They looked so confused and were looking around for the van. We went and got them but we ended up driving down the street a couple blocks before we could turn around and head back and get them. It was the funniest thing ever. Our van could not stop laughing that whole time.

On St. Patrick’s Day some of the team went with their parents and the rest went go-karting, mini golfing and played arcade games. We had to make go-karting some sort of challenge or race. Monica Humphrey aka MoMoney picked the slow “glumper” car and Emily Monson chose a car where her steering did not work. I had a good car I was 5-6 cars back from the front of our group and I got past all of them and won! We found out that Coach C is not very good at mini golf. MoMoney and I were at the top of the leader board.

Last week MoMoney found out that she made it into nursing school!!!! Way to go!!! As a team we went out to dinner to celebrate.

We have plenty of home games coming up so come out, enjoy the sun and cheer the Eagle softball team on!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo Galleries: Baseball in Florida

There are two new photo galleries posted on They are from two of the Eagle baseball team's games in Florida. Check them out and imagine the warm weather and beautiful sunshine, which we'll see here soon. (At least, I still have faith we'll have sunshine soon.)

Photo Gallery - Edgewood College vs. Keystone College (March 13, 2009)

Photo Gallery - Edgewood College vs. Hope College (March 14, 2009)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sidearm Scoop #3

Blake Hunt continues his insider perspective into the Eagles' baseball season...

The spring trip to Florida is over and its back the harsh reality that we will be playing the rest of our games in the mid 40's. Mother nature decided it wasn't yet time for us to start our conference season and dumped four inches on our home field. We are determined to play this week though and went out there with shovels and brooms to clear all the snow off the field in hopes of still playing this week.

The annual karaoke competiton on the trip home came down to an intense battle between the two finalists Zach Zwaga and Glenn Nowell. Their first couple songs ended in a clear draw as Zwaga performed a flawless rendition of the Backstreet Boys "Everybody" only to be matched by Nowell's near perfect remix of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." The battle appeared to be locked in a tie until Zwaga pulled out his ace in the hole and blew away the competition with "Bad Boys for Life." Nowell appeared to be in shock by Zach's perfect excecution of the song and his rebuttle came up short as he had to settle for second place.

In the end the trip was a lot of fun as not only did we play great, but we got to pursue all of our favorite leisure activities such as pool workouts with Coach Wachholz, chasing lizards, and sitting around the pool with ten other baseball teams without a female in sight. Everything you could ask for in a spring break, right?
- Blake Hunt

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eagle Alum provides March Madness floors

Former Edgewood College men's basketball player Jason Heiman is the president of Jason Thomas Flooring in Waukesha. Heiman's company will be providing three of the 16 floors used at the NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Championships. Read the whole story courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Perfection on the Court (courtesy of Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eagle Alum leads team to State Tourney

Edgewood College men's basketball alumni Craig Machut will lead his Milwaukee King girls basketball team into the WIAA Girls Basketball State Tournament. Machut in his first season as the Generals' coach has guided the team to a 20-3 record and a sectional championship. Machut's Generals open play on Thursday night against Marshfield.

(at Alliant Energy Center, Madison)

Quarterfinals: Thursday, March 12

Game-1: Middleton vs. Verona Area - 1:35 p.m.
Game-2: Neenah vs. Milwaukee Vincent - approx. 30 min. following Game 1
Game-3: De Pere vs. Brookfield Central - 6:35 p.m.
Game-4: Marshfield vs. Milwaukee King - approx. 30 min. following Game 3

Semifinals: Friday, March 13

Game-5: Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2 - 6:35 p.m.
Game-6: Winner of Game 3 vs. Winner of Game 4 - approx. 30 min. following Game 5

Championship Game: Saturday, March 14

Game-7: Winner of Game-5 vs. Winner of Game-6 - approx. 30 min. following Division 3 championship game.

Podcast: Softball season preview

Edgewood College Head Softball Coach J.P. Richards discusses the upcoming 2009 season with Asssistant Sports Information Director Luke Pattarozzi. Richards touches on the 2008 season before looking ahead to the new campaign. The Eagles open their season on Sunday against defending national champion UW-Eau Claire in Tucson, Ariz.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Sidearm Scoop #2

Well the time has finally come for our spring trip to Florida. We have a few games under our belt and I feel very confident about our team as we head down there. I am very excited to get outside and play, but more excited for all the new players and coaches karaoke performances on the ride back. This years freshman class is a little thin, but my sleeper pick to win the whole thing is Glenn Nowell. I was very disappointed to find out that Coach Verb would not be on the bus as I believe he could of given us a performance for the ages. (SID's note: Video documentation of this event is required.)

The hardest part of the trip to Florida is deciding which movies to watch. We have used up a lot of the funny movies on the trips to Minnesota so hopefully someone brings some good ones. I am crossing my fingers that we will not have to watch anymore of Brad DeVault's homemade hunting video's again...though they were great to fall asleep to.

Finally, as many of you already know our latest victory in the metrodome was Coach Brisack's 200th. It feels pretty cool to be a part of something like that and even better to be the pitcher of record in the game. Coach didn't talk about it at all, but I think that it shows how far he has brought the program since he has been here.

- Blake Hunt

Friday, March 6, 2009

Scheele Stories #3

Megan Scheele's blog entries are also being printed this season on's Daily Dose blog. You can access Megan's entry on their blog here.

As I was asked to write my final blog I’m thinking to myself, “I can’t believe our season's over. It went so fast.” As for many teams we wanted to go all the way and get into the NCAAs, but for us that didn’t happen. Even though our season ended earlier then we would have liked, there were a lot of great memories and experience that made this season one of the best for me.

In the beginning of the season we had a slow start and not the best record, but that almost got us motivated and made us work harder, which set the tone for the rest of the season and how we played. After the rough start the team got going and we started to play well and never looked back. It was an exciting season for the team- we were working and meshing well together and playing Edgewood College basketball. One of the great memories for the team was when we went to the Bahamas for our winter tournament. We played well and we won the whole thing. That was the first tournament in my career that we have ever won, so it was very exciting.

For me, this season was one of the best in my career. Being a senior I knew I needed to be a leader for the younger players, this was going to be a learning experience for myself, just as much as it was going to be for them. My teammates were great, worked well everyday together and made playing basketball fun. I loved playing with them all, each one of them taught me something that I will never forget and will cherish every memory from this year. The same is true for the coaching staff. They put so much time and effort to help us become the team we are today. I am thankful for every single one of them and all that they do. They have taught me so much and are the ones that made me the player I am today.

As for me personally I can’t believe my college career is over. It went by so fast and it’s hard for me to know that I won’t wear an Edgewood College jersey again and go and play the game that I love. Even though it’s over for me, I had a lot of great memories and accomplishments that I never knew I would get from playing basketball. All of what I have accomplished individually wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my teammates and coaches, so thank you to you all. You made basketball the best for me here at Edgewood College and I will always remember you all.

Playing basketball here at Edgewood College was the best decision of my life. I not only grew as a player, but as a person as well. I have learned so much and I hope all of my teammates and the other future Eagles experience what I have and enjoy it all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's a boy! (But is it a setter or an outside hitter?)

Congratulations to head volleyball coach Paul Schlomer and his wife Erin who welcomed their first child into the world on Friday, February 20.

Malcolm Paul Schlomer weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz. and reportedly is deadly accurate when hitting from behind the three-meter line.

Congratualtions Paul!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Sidearm Scoop #1

Edgewood College sophomore pitcher Blake Hunt will be writing blog entries for the Eagle baseball team this year. Enjoy...

Welcome to the first of my blog entries I will be writing over the upcoming baseball season. My name is Blake Hunt and I am currently in my second year here at Edgewood College. If you manage to make it out to any games this year just look for the sidearm left-handed pitcher with goofy mechanics and that would be me. I figured for my first blog I would just give you a little insight into what's been going on at practices and what you can expect to see this year.

We signed a contract this year that allows us to practice at Hitters Sportsplex, the only indoor baseball field in this part of the state. This is awesome and practices have been much more productive this year. I feel we have a huge advantage over teams going into the season because we have been able to competitively scrimmage for the past two weeks. The only downside is that we practice until at least 11 every night. This has made me really regret signing up for the 8 a.m. managerial accounting class.

I can't wait to travel up to the Metrodome this weekend for our first games against Macalaster College and Augsburg College. It is obvious the anxiety and excitement is starting to build in us all as we keep getting closer and closer to Friday. We all remember our disappointing season last year and are determined to make this season count. It will be awesome to see everyone hit the field for the first time, especially some of the new guys who I feel will have a huge impact on our team.

Finally, I would encourage all of you to check out the video from this year's Polar Plunge. Myself and several other teamates took the plunge and let me tell you it is something I will never forget. The term "freezing cold" took on a whole new meaning after ten seconds in that water.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Podcast: Baseball season preview

Head Baseball Coach Al Brisack sits down with Sports Information Director David Petroff to discuss the upcoming 2009 Baseball Season. Coach will take a short look back at the 2008 season, and discuss his team's potential for the 2009 campaign.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Podcast: Eagle Golf Outing

Edgewood College's own Suann Saltzberry speaks with sports information director David Petroff about this year's Eagle Golf Outing. The Eagle Golf Outing is slated for June 5, 2009 at the Oaks Golf Club in Cottage Grove. If you are interested in playing or sponsoring, you'll want to sign up now, as Suann is offering a 'Recession Busting" discount if you register by tax day, April 15. Also, alumni receive a special rate to play this year.

Eagle Golf Outing Registration Form

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scheele to be on "Hoopsville" Sunday night

Edgewood College women's basketball player Megan Scheele will be a guest on the popular internet radio talk show Hoopsville on Sunday night. Hoopsville is a twice weekly show, hosted by Dave McHugh, covering Division III basketball from coast to coast. Hoopsville airs from 5-7 p.m. Central Standard time. Scheele will likely be joining the show around 5:15 p.m.

If you miss the live broadcast, the show will be archived approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Need your Eagle soccer fix?

Sure you do. It's been so warm outside it almost feels like time to get back on the pitch. OK, so that may be a couple of months away, but if you need to see your Eagles in action you'll find them this weekend at the 16th Annual Madison United President's Cup Indoor Soccer Tournament at the Keva Sports Center in Middleton and the Break Away Sports Center on Executive Drive in Madison.

The Eagles are in the Men's Open Division and have been placed in the Washington pool. Their pool play schedule is as follows.

Sat., Feb. 14 - 10:00 a.m. vs. Hawks Celtics at Break Away
Sat., Feb. 14 - 4:00 p.m. vs. Dinos at Keva
Sun., Feb. 15 - 10:00 a.m. vs. United Serbs II at Break Away
Playoffs for the top two in each pool begin at 1:00 p.m. at Keva on Sunday

Complete Schedule

Come on out and see the Eagles in action. It could be your last chance until August!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Podcast: Track Season Previews

Edgewood College head men's and women's track coach Bethany Brewster talks about the first three meets of the indoor track season and looks ahead to the NAC Indoor Championships and the outdoor season.

Women's Track season preview

Men's Track season preview

Wednesday, February 4, 2009's Midwest Region preview offers up their annual Midwest Region preview, including a capsule look at the Northern Athletics Conference. The NAC has two significant changes this year. First, as in every other sponsored sport, the NAC now receives an automatic bid to the NCAA Championships. Secondly, the NAC has been moved from the Central Region to the Midwest Region for baseball joining the WIAC, UMAC and MIAC. Midwest Region preview (by Ricky Nelson for

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photo Gallery: Jam the Gym

Edgewood College hosted their annual Jam the Gym celebration last Saturday. The day includes a pair of alumni games featuring some of Edgewood College's great players from thre recent past.

Jam the Gym Photo Gallery

Podcast: Kathy O'Connor, Alumni Director

Sports Information Director David Petroff visits with Edgewood College Alumni Director Kathy O'Connor during the annual Jam the Gym event.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Podcast: Dr. Brett Hoeft

Dr. Brett Hoeft of Luedtke, Storm & Mackey Chiropractic Clinic discusses LSM's role in caring for Edgewood College student-athletes. He also touches on the benefits of chiropractic care for athletes of all types.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Siblings take friendly rivalry to court

The following is an article that appeared in the Stevens Point Journal on December 30, 2008. Sophomore women's basketball player Kacy Sporle had the rare opportunity to play a game against her sister Jessi, who is a senior for UW-Stevens Point. Scott Williams of the Stevens Point Journal interviewed Kacy, Jessi and their parents leading up to the game.

Siblings take friendly rivalry to court (courtesy of Scott Williams, Stevens Point Journal)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Podcast: Women's Golf 2008 Season Review

Head Women's Golf coach Gary Oftedahl took time out of his schedule to sit down with Sports Information Director David Petroff. He reviews the 2008 fall season including Amanda Bliske (pictured) and discusses the rebuilding of this program.