Friday, November 14, 2008

Scheele Stories #1

Edgewood College women's basketball student-athlete Megan Scheele has agreed to blog from time to time through her senior season. Not only can you read her entries here, but a national audience will hear from Megan on the blog, the Daily Dose. Here is Megan's first entry:

Hello, my name is Megan Scheele and I am the only senior on the Edgewood College women’s basketball team. I came from a small town near Madison called New Glarus.

As I enter the first month or so of practice and think about the upcoming season, I’m thinking to myself, I can’t believe I’m a senior and this is going to be my last year playing basketball here at Edgewood College. I remember coming in my freshmen year being so nervous and didn’t talk much at all; oh, how times have changed for me! Now I’m the only senior on the team and have lots of freshmen and newbies coming in the same way I was, nervous and scared to talk. But I tell myself I can’t think of this as being my last year; I say to myself, let this be the best year.

In my eyes as the team practices; we get better each day, we get to know one another, we see what everyone brings to the table, but most of all we work hard. All of those things right there are what make me believe that this will be the best year. We are a young team having one senior, two juniors, six sophomores, and four freshmen, but look to use what everyone has to offer and come together as a team and be a powerful team in the NAC.

Our conference is very competitive and you never know who’s going to win each night someone plays… this is something I love and makes it fun to compete in. We are a very team oriented program and live up to that. We play team defense, win or lose as a team, but most important we stay together through the ups and downs of the season. We start off our season this weekend up in Adrian, Michigan and we participate in a two day tournament. We can’t wait to start play and are very excited for the season to get underway.

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