Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cupery loses one record, but gains two more!

Last night at the Edgedome, Deb Cupery (Boomsma) witnessed Megan Scheele move past her on the Edgewood College all-time scoring list, taking over a record which Deb had held for 18 years. No one in the gym realized however that Deb would be leaving the Edgedome with two other records now rightfully credited to her name.

I had several conversations with Deb leading up to the historic day. During one of those conversations Deb remarked that she noticed listed the single game scoring record at 38 points, accomplished by Scheele in the first game of the 2006-07 season. Deb couldn't recall the exact game, but was pretty sure that she had recorded a 46-point game at some point in her career.

I admitted to Deb, that while I was confident that we had her season and career totals correct, our archives had very little information about single games during her playing years of 1987-91. I told her it was entirely possible that she had scored 46 points in a game, and if she could come up with some kind of evidence, like a newspaper article or a box score, I'd gladly amend the records.

Last night, when Deb and her family walked in the door, her mom proudly produced the evidence needed, a newspaper clipping from a February 18, 1989 game against Silver Lake. Not only did the newspaper article confirm Deb's single game scoring record, but it also showed she made 21 field goals in the game, also a new school record.

Deb even handed out an assist to a former teammate who handed her so many assists during their playing days. That same article indicated Ellen Zgonc led the team with 15 assists (undoubtedly many of those to Deb) which is also a new single game record at Edgewood College.

(click article to enlarge)
If you read the article, you'll notice that the headline and article indicates an Edgewood College victory, but the box score indicates the Eagles lost. In fact, the Eagles did lose this game 94-81, which must have slipped past a long-forgotten copywriter. It's nice to know other people can make mistakes too.

The Edgewood College women's basketball single game records have officially been updated. Thanks, Deb, and congratulations!

- David Petroff, Edgewood College SID

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