Friday, February 12, 2010

Williams at USA Cross Country Championships #1

Edgewood College freshman Josh Williams is in Spokane, Washington preparing to compete at the USA Cross Country Championships on Saturday. This is his first blog entry on the experience of competing with some of the nation's top under-20 runners.

This morning I woke up at 5:03. It was very early and my bags were over by the door while I waited for Coach B to pick me up. She got there around 5:37 and we left my house for Milwaukee Airport. I think I stayed up for an hour then crashed when we got to Milwaukee. (what a great passenger I am…)

We got through security with only a small problem…. I brought my massage stick and they had to rescan it 3 times! After we cleared security, we got to our gate then boarded the plane. I’ve never flown Southwest before. Pretty much you got a ticket and the seats were a free for all. We flew into Las Vegas and had a 2 hour lay-over. I wanted to get a picture of coach playing the slot machines but she refused. We ate lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen… real pricey (don’t do it). After lunch we sat down by our gate and didn’t realize that they were boarding us until half the plane was full. We sat down next to a girl from California who was very nice… unfortunately I didn’t get her name but we talked a fair amount during the 2 hour flight! (real smooth Josh…)

We arrived 40 min. early to Spokane, Wash. and picked up our rental car. The second I got outside I noticed that it was rainy. I guess the Northwestern part of the US does that from time to time. Looks like the course may be a giant pile of slop. Can’t wait! We got to the hotel and went for a quick jog (less rainy). Then we traveled over to the Safeway Grocery Store and acquired some food! We made baked potatoes, green beans and a Rotisserie Chicken. Yum.

I talked with my family and wished Connor Boushon a happy birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!) and Coach called E-Train (Coach B’s husband).

Tomorrow we are going exploring!!!! We are probably going to Idaho and perhaps Montana. I will keep you posted on what we find and what our adventures entail.


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