Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sidearm Scoop: Let the Horses Run Wild

Edgewood College relief pitcher Blake Hunt provides his take on week two of the Eagles' baseball season. Sadly, no hair status updates are included....

We had another extremely successful weekend at the Metrodome this weekend splitting with Concordia Moorhead and sweeping UW-Oshkosh to move our record to 5-1. We got awesome pitching performances again from Scott Winters and Matt Krueger who both threw complete games against UW-Oshkosh. It was also good to see freshman Blake O'Brien throw extremely well against Concordia Moorhead. If he can keep this up our pitching rotation will be extremely good. On offense, we continued to get clutch hits when we needed them and almost everyone contributed in some way. Mitch Mogensen, who always seems to come up big in key situations, had the game winning hit in the second game against UW-Oshkosh. Tim Barry continued his hitting streak and Erik Massey played the role of crafty veteran to perfection at the plate.

In between games we received one of the more memorable speeches in Edgewood College history from Coach Wachholz. In an effort to inspire the team he began giving a speech about how great it would be to beat UW-Oshkosh twice and finished off his speech by telling us it was "time to let the horses run wild!" The team really rallied around his battle cry and appears on the fast track to become the Eagles new slogan for 2010.

In other news Kyle "Kipp" Smith and Glenn Nowell set a new Edgewood College record by selling five hats to fans Friday night. They would like to thank all of those who supported their cause and encourage the rest of you to hop on the bandwagon and get your Eagle gear as soon as possible.

That's about all I've got for now but I would highly recommend you all check out Billy "Bubblegum Head" DeVault's video on our home page, it is absolutely hilarious.


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