Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coach Oestreich serves up new singles player!

Head tennis coach Ben Oestriech and his wife Stephanie are happy to introduce his first women's tennis recruit in the Class of 2032. Hard to tell from the pictures, but those shoulders would indicate a strong backhand and quick reflexes at the net.

Here's Coach Oestriech's announcement in his very typical style....

"Meet 7 lb, 2oz, 20" long Olivia Claire Oestreich. Born 7:37 pm on Friday, May 28th, "OO" was quickly named cutest baby of all time. That win pushes a Utah baby born in 1996 to number six, leaving an all Oestreich top five.

Her hobbies include sleeping, eating, and looking at people with one eye open."

Congratulations Coach! Welcome to the world of not sleeping. Ever.

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