Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alumni update: John Fahey, Golden State Warriors

John Fahey, an Edgewood College men's basketball alumni, checked in with us about his new job in the NBA as the Assistant Video Coordinator for the Golden State Warriors. Fahey, a 2008 graduate with a B.A. in Marketing, was the Eagles' team captain in 2007-08 and played in 94 games for Edgewood College...

"To start the 2010-2011 season I accepted the Assistant Video Coordinator position with the Golden State Warriors. As Video Coordinators, our main focus is on opponent game preparation so we will break down games of our upcoming opponents into individual possessions, put in their specific play call so our players/coaching staff are aware as well as put together shoot around/pre game edits for film sessions. On top of that we are actively involved in day to day activities such as coaches meetings, practices, and assisting in individual player workouts.

I got my foot in the door last season in the NBA as I interned in LA for the Los Angeles Clippers. At that time, Seth Cooper (former Edgewood College Basketball teammate & alum) was the Assistant Video Coordinator for the Clippers and spoke with me about the career path so I'm very grateful of everything that Seth has done for me to help advance my career. I lived in LA for almost two years before moving up to San Francisco just over a month ago. I've been lucky enough to spend some quality time in California but there is no place like home and the Midwest that's for sure!

I'm always keeping up with what's going on with the Eagles and still talk to a few guys left from my playing days, and I know Coach Adrian will have them ready to go again this season so hopefully The NEST keeps the Edgedome rocking and they can bring home another NAC Championship!"


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