Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nova in concert: Sunday, January 30

Two Edgewood College baseball players Jake Zadra and James Bertakis are showing how well-rounded a Division III student-athlete can be.

James’s hobby is remixing hip-hop and techno music and adding his own lyrics to it. Jake has experience in the music production business. Jake started to create his own beats and James provided the lyrics and vocals under the stage name Nova. Using Jake’s knowledge of the music industry and marketing skill under his own label Prinz Records, he has been able to get publicity for Nova on the internet. Their single “After Midnight” has reached #5 on’s local Madison pop chart.

Their next endeavor is their first public performance which will be held in Edgewood College’s Todd Wehr Edgedome on Sunday, January 30 at 8:00 p.m. The concert is free, but they are requesting a donation to raise money for the Breast Cancer Recovery foundation in support of breast cancer research. Edgewood College alum Nick Venturella and local hip-hop artist IAmEnglish will open for Nova. The Edgewood College Campus Activities Board (CAB), Vital Signs of Verona and Dental Health Associates of Madison are sponsors of the event.


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