Monday, May 7, 2012

Eagle Golf NCAA Championship blog #1

Hey Everyone,

This is Logan Kranz from your Edgewood College men's golf team and would like to let you guys get an inside look at our upcoming trip to Nationals! We are ONE week away and this marks the first ever trip to the National Tournament for Edgewood College and hopefully the first of many more to come! First and foremost our team would like to THANK all of you guys for the support over the last couple weeks since we clinched the NAC Championship. The support from the college and students has been amazing!! By doing so, we booked a trip to Orlando, Florida for the biggest tournament in D-III golf!!!! I just want to give you guys an inside look at our trip and the week leading up to our departure.

I'll start by saying the last two weeks have been the most hectic weeks of all of our college lives between the preparation for the conference tournament and now trying to prepare to finish school a week early while trying to get ready for Nationals has given us all we can handle. The National Championship happens to fall during the week of finals here at Edgewood College, so we need to be ahead of the game when it comes to school, which in turn has taken a lot of our practice time away.

Best part about it though, is the fact that once this week is over, we'll be leaving bright and early Saturday morning to hop on a plane and head south for the last week of school!!! Ill get into more details as the week goes on, but for now its back to the books and finishing up this semester!
Talk to you guys soon, and until then...

Go Eagles!

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