Thursday, March 28, 2013

Separated at birth?

The Eagles' Carlene DeCoster (left) and actress Ellen Page (right)
If you attend an Edgewood College softball game this season for the first time you might hear “Here we go, Juno” or “Come on Juno!” from the Eagles dugout. Don’t bother looking at your program. There’s no one named Juno there. Junior Carlene DeCoster (@carlenedecoster) was tagged with the nickname her freshman year that has stuck with her throughout her time here at Edgewood College. Where did it come from?

Have you ever seen the movie Juno with the actress Ellen Page? Well, that is her in the picture (on the right) and this is where the pseudonym all began. DeCoster says you can give the credit to teammate and starting shortstop Jessica Spitzer, who recognized DeCoster’s looks and even voice to be like that of the talented actress. The entire year the whole team continued to call her “Juno” and eventually it stuck.

When asked about the alias, DeCoster replied “If anyone on the softball team calls me Carlene, it is super weird and I feel like I’m in trouble or something. Half the time I don’t even respond to Carlene anymore.”

Would she legally change her name? “I might consider it. I’ve had this conversation with multiple people before. I love the nickname Juno, however, I’m not really sure what my family would think.”

Now this is not just for the softball team only, but it has traveled to school as well. “I would say that a decent amount of the people that I’ve met at school call me Juno and probably half of them think it’s my real name. Since all the softball girls call me that, other people just think it’s my real name.”

Even at a summer waitressing job DeCoster tricked her entire table. “I had a table that was legitimately convinced I was Ellen Page’s twin or something. The crazy lady called me Juno the entire time they were there and she kept pulling up a photo on her phone and creepily holding it up to me and going on about how much I look like her. It was extremely weird.”

Now the next time you head out to Ceniti Park in Verona to cheer on the Eagles, you can join in the cheers as well. Soon enough, you might find it difficult to call her Carlene as well.


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