Friday, October 4, 2013

#Tweagles Talk: Samantha Himmelspach

Are you not getting enough puppy pictures in your daily diet? Well, good news - Samantha Himmelspach will provide plenty. Take a look at the Eagles' defensive specialist in this edition of #Tweagles Talk!

4,860 Tweets / 507 Following / 256 Followers

Q. What is your Twitter handle and how did you come up with it?

A: @SHimmelspach, Really not that creative just mashed my name together

Q. How often do you check Twitter?

A: Usually two to three times a day on average, sometimes I forget all about it though!

Q. What would you say is your average number of Tweets?

A: On average I usually tweet about 2-3 times a day! However, I tweet the most after big wins for ECVB (@ECEagles_VB) or if Cute Emergency (@CuteEmergency) is really upping their game on cute puppies for the day! (I retweet those often)

Q. Which of your teammates has the best Tweets and why?

A: I would say that the teammates with the best tweets are Katie Wedvick (@kwedvick) and Jessi Martin (@JessiMartin_11) mainly because all three of our tweets are of cute puppies and the obnoxious amount of food we like to eat!

Q. The people I follow in volleyball are…

A: Everyone on the team that has one! The only one who I think I don't follow (because she doesn't have one) is Lindsey Swansby! Along with the coaches, who have displayed their struggles with the twitter world!

Q. Someone who you wouldn’t think I follow is…

A: The entire casts of Scandal (@ScandalABC)and Grey's Anatomy (@GreysABC). However, the people who know me probably aren't that surprised by that!

Q. The people whose tweets you can’t miss…

A: Liz Evans (@MITSUK0_) because all she does is make fun of herself for being tall and awkward; especially around attractive men!

Q. I wish _____ was on Twitter.

A: Paul Schlomer because I wish the entire world was informed on all the crazy facts and metaphors that we as a team are subject to everyday!

Q. What Edgewood College coach or athlete do you wish was on Twitter?

A: Other than Paul, I would have to say Lindsey Swansby, mainly because she's a quiet girl but the one-liners that come out of her mouth are something nobody should miss!

If you have not seen the Edgewood College volleyball team in action this season, get to the Todd Wehr Edgedome this Saturday for a big Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference match against Dominican University! Gametime is at noon. If you can't make it Saturday, take a look at the rest of the Eagles' schedule to plan an outing. 


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