Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer League Baseball: Matt Werner

Well it has been about three weeks since we arrived in my home state of Colorado and it feels great to be back playing a high level of baseball close to home. We started our stay at my parents home and by picking up another player at the Denver airport who flew in from South Carolina.

After spending a couple of days at home we headed up to Greeley and after getting a little lost we met the team at one of our sponsors restaurants. Not wanting to waste time we quickly found out who and where everyone was from. We have players from Alabama, South Carolina, Colorado, Louisiana, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and even two other countries, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Surprisingly, it feels very natural to be playing with players from other countries just like the pros do.

After the introductory lunch we all meet and headed to the homes of our own host families. Matt Krueger and I were split up due to limitations on cars and I headed off to meet the rest of my host family and my roommate. Eric is a junior college baseball player from Louisiana transferring to a college in Ohio. My host family is a multi-generational family. I share a room with my roommate and the rest of the family is housed in the room next to us and the basement. They are a very nice family with many kids who are very active.

Since being here I have gotten a gym membership and started working out at Ross. We are about 15 games into our schedule now with more losses than wins but our team is really starting to come together and the signs of improvement in our hitting and pitching are significant. I can't wait to write again when we are the league champs and I hope Alex, Steve, Cory, and Nathan will be doing the same. Good luck everyone!

- Matt Werner

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