Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer League Baseball: Steve Binder

Everything is looking up. The weather finally resembled summer, and just in time for a five game weekend. We swept it, starting off with three wins over the Central Oregon Bucks who entered the weekend 5-0 in conference play. Our record improved to 13-3.

Our team has come together nicely as we’ve spent more time together. Something fun we do before games and after practices is a Kangaroo Court. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is when three judges are appointed to decide on anything and everything guys from the team feel like bringing up against another person on the team. For example, Alex and I were late to pick up one of our teammates for a movie, and he brought it up during court. Both sides argue their points, and the judges make a decision. Whoever loses is fined $0.25, and all the money goes towards a get-together at the end of the season. It is a fun way to crack some jokes and hear some pretty funny stories.

When we are not playing, Alex and I are hard at work making some money. I got a job with my host family at Bruce’s Candy Kitchen, their family owned candy shop that is highly regarded along the north coast. I get to make saltwater taffy, caramel corn, as well as any jobs they need done. Alex is working at the Nike Outlet, where he gets an employee discount that has come in handy already. We are both beginning to resemble Nike spokesmen.

This weekend we will be playing in Portland, hoping to add four more wins to our record. Until then, so long from Seaside, Oregon.

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