Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Abbi's Almanac #3

Freshman volleyball player Abbi Schultz contributes her third entry...

As most people know the month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In high school we had a small fund raisers but nothing really spectacular. As a whole, every volleyball team in the NAC (Northern Athletics Conference) shows their support by wearing pink shirts with the slogan “Dig for Life” written on them during warm ups. It is a pretty awesome sight to see at least twenty girls, from two different teams, coming together to represent one cause. Then watching as we change from our pink tee’s into our school’s colors as we try to dominate the other team on the court.

Talking with other people at different schools and in different conferences the same thing is happening all over the place. UW-Platteville sells witty tee-shirts with the slogan “Don’t Let Cancer Steal Second Base” written across them. Well other schools have huge fundraisers supporting finding the cure for breast cancer. All around it is a wicked cool experience to see so many people put aside their differences to come together for such a rad cause.

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