Monday, March 30, 2009

Sidearm Scoop #3

Blake Hunt continues his insider perspective into the Eagles' baseball season...

The spring trip to Florida is over and its back the harsh reality that we will be playing the rest of our games in the mid 40's. Mother nature decided it wasn't yet time for us to start our conference season and dumped four inches on our home field. We are determined to play this week though and went out there with shovels and brooms to clear all the snow off the field in hopes of still playing this week.

The annual karaoke competiton on the trip home came down to an intense battle between the two finalists Zach Zwaga and Glenn Nowell. Their first couple songs ended in a clear draw as Zwaga performed a flawless rendition of the Backstreet Boys "Everybody" only to be matched by Nowell's near perfect remix of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." The battle appeared to be locked in a tie until Zwaga pulled out his ace in the hole and blew away the competition with "Bad Boys for Life." Nowell appeared to be in shock by Zach's perfect excecution of the song and his rebuttle came up short as he had to settle for second place.

In the end the trip was a lot of fun as not only did we play great, but we got to pursue all of our favorite leisure activities such as pool workouts with Coach Wachholz, chasing lizards, and sitting around the pool with ten other baseball teams without a female in sight. Everything you could ask for in a spring break, right?
- Blake Hunt

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