Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hot Corner Chronicles #1

Colleen Joyce, the Eagle Softball third baseman will be checking in from time to time on the Eagles' season. Here is her first entry...

Hey everybody! I am Colleen Joyce; I am a junior from Madison, Wisconsin, majoring in psychology. You will find me on the softball field playing the hot corner over at third base and getting big hits. I can’t wait for the weather to be nice so we can play some more games.

We got back from our spring training trip to Arizona about two weeks ago. We did not do as well as we would have liked but we had a good time and got a nice tan. We started off our season playing the Division III defending national champions, UW-Eau Claire. We finished our trip 4-6.

With having perfect weather every day, we had to make great use of the pool. By the pool there was an orange tree so, some of the girls enjoyed a delicious juicy orange after playing around with it in the pool. One of our great traditions in the pool is chicken fighting. Charli Metcalf and I are STILL the defending chicken fighting champions. It was a tough battle because there was blood drawn and we were down for a little bit but managed to get back up and beat Rachel Elliott and Emily Monson. It was a battle, to win the championship, between the east side and west side Madisonions. One of the best times at the pool was throwing Coach C into the pool while she was laying out.

After going out to dinner one of the vans had to make a pit stop at Walgreens to get something. Coach C and Steph Schafer went in and we wanted to hide the van so they would think we left with out them. Coach JP drives behind the building and parks on the side so we can see their expressions when they come out. But, that was not a good enough hiding spot so we drove to a burger joint and parked behind some bushes thinking they won’t see us…it still wasn’t a good enough hiding spot. So we drove across the street and watched them as they came out. They looked so confused and were looking around for the van. We went and got them but we ended up driving down the street a couple blocks before we could turn around and head back and get them. It was the funniest thing ever. Our van could not stop laughing that whole time.

On St. Patrick’s Day some of the team went with their parents and the rest went go-karting, mini golfing and played arcade games. We had to make go-karting some sort of challenge or race. Monica Humphrey aka MoMoney picked the slow “glumper” car and Emily Monson chose a car where her steering did not work. I had a good car I was 5-6 cars back from the front of our group and I got past all of them and won! We found out that Coach C is not very good at mini golf. MoMoney and I were at the top of the leader board.

Last week MoMoney found out that she made it into nursing school!!!! Way to go!!! As a team we went out to dinner to celebrate.

We have plenty of home games coming up so come out, enjoy the sun and cheer the Eagle softball team on!!!

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