Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matt Werner: Guatemalan Adventure #4

Edgewood College baseball alum Matt Werner is spening six months in Guatemala. The first three parts of his blog can be found here, here and here.

Well, so far the kids at the school have been practicing baseball for about two weeks and although they haven't mastered the techniques of catching and throwing they have been begging me to do some hitting. So today using a tennis ball and a stick we played a little stickball with the gloves (now up to 8 in quantity thanks to the Gandara family down here). So we didn't have enough players for two teams or enough gloves for one complete team but the kids loved learning the rules and hitting the ball. After the game the kids told me they want to play everyday who knows what will happen when all the kids come back at the beginning of the school year..maybe tryouts??

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