Monday, February 18, 2013

#Tweagles Talk: Moe Baemmert

For #Tweagles Talk we try to pick Eagle student-athletes that make us laugh. This tweet sealed the deal for Moe Baemmert. One we read that, we knew we had to ask. Moe has a private account thought, so you'll have to ask really nicely if you want to see gems like these...

1,459 Tweets / 225 Following / 190 Followers

Q. What is your Twitter handle and how did you come up with it?
A: My twitter handle is @moeBfierce. I am in love with Beyonce (@Beyonce), who is also known as Sasha Fierce, so that is why I had to throw fierce in my twitter name.

Q. How often do you check Twitter?
A: Too much... probably once every hour. 

Q. What would you say is your average number of Tweets?
A: When I am feeling very creative, I tweet about two to three times a day. 

Q. Which of your teammates has the best Tweets and why?
A: Hailey Boyle (@hailbeee) has some of the best tweets. They always find a way to make me laugh and really find a way into my heart. Oh and Katie Pampuch's twitter (@ktpampuch) is a great one to follow because she is so indecisive about her first tweet that she will delete it every time.   

Q. The people I follow in soccer are…
A: I follow Jennie Dailey (@JennieDailey5), Lindsay Kloppenburg (@lindslouklopp), Olivia Bunz (@OliviaBunz), Megan Falk (@MFalk5), Emily Dorsett (@EmDors), Hailey Boyle (@hailbeee), Z Cordova (@ZenaidaCordova), Caitlin Clifford (@cait_cliff13), and Katie Pampuch (@ktpampuch). 

Q. Someone who you wouldn’t think I follow is…
A: The Rapignome (@Rapignome)... It is Megan Rapinoe's gnome that follows her around on the US Women's National Soccer Team. 

Q. The people whose tweets you can’t miss…
A: are my roommate and fellow fitness center employee Sabrina Aiello (@SabrinaAiello2).

Q. I wish _____ was on Twitter.

Q. What Edgewood College coach or athlete do you wish was on Twitter?
A: I 100% wish that Coach Tim Alexander would have a twitter. In fact, we might have to make him get one in time for next season. 


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