Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#Tweagles Talk: Tim Morgan

Another episode of #Tweagles Talk is here! If you don't follow him now, here is a good chance to change that! Maybe you can ask him about his infatuation with Notre Dame football too....

Tim Morgan (Tennis) - @t_morgan13
751 Tweets / 410 Following / 163 Followers

Q. What is your Twitter handle and how did you come up with it?
A: @t_morgan13 - Not very creative, just my first initial and last name and 13 was always my favorite number.

Q. How often do you check Twitter?
A: I check twitter between 5-10 times a day.

Q. What would you say is your average number of Tweets?
A: I am more of a follower on twitter. I don't tweet that often, maybe once a week.

Q. Which of your teammates has the best Tweets and why?
A: Our team is kinda slacking in the twitter world, but I expect that to change as the season goes on.

Q. The people I follow in soccer are…
A: Mardy Fish (@MardyFish), Rafa Nadal (@RafaelNadal), Patrick McEnroe (@PatrickMcEnroe), Nike Tennis (@NikeTennis), Andy Roddick (@andyroddick), John Isner (@JohnIsner), Sloane Stephens (@sloanetweets).

Q. Someone who you wouldn’t think I follow is…
A: Emma Watson (@EmWatson) or Tyler Eifert (@EiferTy80)

Q. The people whose tweets you can’t miss…
A: Woody Paige's (@woodypaige) Chalkboard tweets. 

Q. I wish _____ was on Twitter.
A: Bo Ryan

Q. What Edgewood College coach or athlete do you wish was on Twitter?
A: I wish Chance [Hernandez] was on twitter. He always has great words of wisdom whenever I stop in the training room and I feel like he should share them with the world. 

Check out Tim and the rest of the Edgewood College men's tennis team as they play UW-La Crosse and the College of St. Scholastica this weekend. Click here to view their entire schedule.  


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