Friday, April 9, 2010

Sidearm Scoop: The Karaoke and Lizard Hunting edition

We are finally back from our spring trip and it was an up and down trip to say the least. It had its highs, (three wins in which we scored 17 or more runs) and lows (a three game losing streak) but overall it was a trip in which a lot of good things happened. We went up against the current #1 ranked team in Division III and saw that when all is said and done we are a few mental errors away from being at that elite level.

One of my favorite things about baseball is the players who fly under the radar and step up when their number is finally called. We all knew Jimy Landwehr and Tim Barry would be the heart of our offense and Matt Krueger would lead our pitching rotation, but it has been great to see all the people who step up around them. If I told you that Erik Massey would be hitting second in our lineup and that Jack Lowry would lace two doubles to help win our first conference game you would of told me I was crazy, but that is exactly what has happened. Everyone on this team knows their role and is not afraid to step when needed.

The road trip provided several entertaining moments including such things as karaoke, catching lizards and almost spending a week in maximum security prison for playing football in the pool. The karaoke contest was pathetic this year so I will not give any more details other than to say Patrick Clerkin won, Blake O'Brien got people to laugh once, Brevin was better than all of them, James Bertakis should retire, and Jason Towns was just downright embarrassing. A truly poor display by the newcomers and hopefully we can recruit some real talent for next year's trip.

One of my personal favorites about Florida is the chance to let out my inner Steve Irwin and start hunting for the ever elusive Florida Anole. I have long dominated the human vs. lizard match up but during our first game against SUNY-Purchase I met a lizard who put my skills to the test. During the second inning of the game Billy Devault spotted one of the biggest lizards I have ever seen. As I began to move in for the capture the lizard outsmarted me and scurried into a near by pole where he thought he was safe. The lizard won round one but I was determined not to let him get the best of me. I began stuffing all of the exits with paper cups so there was only one exit and then the waiting game began. During the fifth inning he finally poked his head out of the pole and I knew the time had arrived for our final showdown. He looked me right in the eyes and said "catch me if you can" then made his move and tried to escape. However, the lizard underestimated my quickness and I pounced on him and made him my prisoner. Only a pitcher would have this much free time to capture a lizard.

It was a great trip overall and I would just like to leave you all with some last tidbits I took away from the trip......

1. PG and under movies are nowhere near as a good as they used to be.
2. Patrick Clerkin snores so loud you can hear him with noise cancelling headphones on and your ipod turned all the way up.
3. You know it's been a long trip when someone asks "Is Easter on Sunday or Monday?"


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