Friday, April 16, 2010

Dan Oryall: USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals #5

Part five of Dan Oryall's blog at the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals. Click here for part one, part two, part three and part four.

UPDATE: Dan is also metioned in this article on Excellent read!

Another "wonderful" day in Lubbock. I woke up to another day on rain, and increased winds. I stuck to my normal race day routine and went out for a short 20 minute run. Again the roads were filled with water, and not just a little water...6 lane roads were filled. I got into my car in the late morning and decided to go and drive to the transition area. When I got there the park was filled with many teams already. The wind had picked up so much out in the courtry that there were white caps on the water. Good thing I have my wetsuit...I won't drown or freeze.

I got on my bike and tried riding one of the 4 very technical hills on the course. Going up the hill was not a problem, and I climbed it with a small amount of huffing and puffing. After climbing I turned around and braved going down it. Normally I would fly down this hill with lightly tapping my brakes, today was another story. I clamped down hard on my brakes and rode down the hill like a scared two year old. Once finished I turned around and did it again. 2nd time was the charm, I didn't need to grip the brakes as much. The wind pushed me around a bit, and coupled with the rain I found my bike to be leaning to the side, with my body frantically trying to tug it back under my body. Hopefully tomorrow will bring lighter winds and a small sprinkle not gale force winds and pounding rain.

I went to the required meetings later in the afternoon. They are changin the run course becasue the water is soo high it is causing flooding on the run course. The bike course is also flooded in areas, so there are some major changes to how anyone would ride. There are 3 areas where the water is crossing the road and it is mandatory for riders to get off their bike, cross the water, and get back on. Talk about a mental break in the race. This could really hinder a lot of riders. So hopefully Texas can take a page out of the Wisconsin weather's playbook and we can see just a drier day.

Tomorrow is race day...



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