Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dan Oryall: USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals #4

Part four of Dan Oryall's blog at the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals. Click here for part one, part two and part three.

Another day down, another day closer to race day. Today has been filled with a few ups and downs. Like I said in my earlier blog, the morning's bike ride was fairly decent, and I feel more comfortable on my bike and wheels. I went to the local Wal-mart to get some spoons and knives so that I could eat the food I brought with me for lunch. I looked at my bike and noticed that my back tire was flat. I tried pumping it up, and I could hear the sound no bike rider wants to hear, the hiss of air leaving my tube. I had my momentary freak out, and took the tire off and checked the tube. I found a piece of broken glass from a beer bottle stuck in my tire. I raced over to a local bike shop and fixed my tire. Problem solved. I am having mixed feelings about the rain, since it rained all day and the roundabout outside the hotel got collectively deeper and deeper as the day went on. I went for a quick run in the late afternoon and had to channel all the steeplechase skills that I possessed. While runnining and driving around Lubbock I noticed there isn't really much to this town. No offense to anyone who loves the Red Raiders or anything, but unless you are on the campus there isn't much to this place. Maybe I am just off on the wrong side of town, but outside of rundown businesses and open space there isn't much but the campus.

I drove the bike course later, pretty decent there are three very big hills that I will hate climbing but love going down. Well, I would love going down them if there wasn't water on the road, and rain creating large puddles on them. I feel my streak of going crash free has the possibility of coming to an abrupt end. After the course, I got my packet and picked up all the free stuff they gave me. I am in the first wave of males, number 58. I shopped around for a little while with the few vendors that were there. Then, a USA Triathlon gentleman asked me if I was a first time athlete, I said I was. He asked if he could interview me because he was doing a story on first time athletes and wanted to know my story. I answered his questions about creating a club at Edgewood, and why I wanted to come to nationals. After a quick interview I headed out to the Olive Garden for dinner.

Now, I am sitting in my room, getting my race gear together. Tomorrow is going to be a busy and emotional day so I figure I should get as much done now while I am clam. Until tomrrow...


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