Sunday, March 13, 2011

Men's tennis spring trip #2

Rexford Shield of the men's tennis team is keeping a running diary of the Eagle men's and women's tennis team trip to Hilton Head, S.C.

The men and women's tennis teams have finally arrived in Hilton Head! We had a very long day of traveling going from Edgewood College to Milwaukee, Milwaukee to Chicago, Chicago to Charleston, and Charleston to Hilton Head. We pulled up to the house at 10 pm local time and were immediately blown away by the size of the house. To say to the least, it's pretty massive. It sleeps twenty, but Vince and I were still confined to the pull-out couch. We ordered some quality Domino's pizza and relaxed by watching ESPN.

From my previous blog post, I forgot to mention the women's schedule of opponents for the week. Unlike the men, they only play three matches that include The College of Wooster (3/14), Messiah College, Pa (3/15), and Heidelberg University, Ohio (3/16). You would think there would be no complaints during Spring Break, but Vince, Tim, and I experienced some problems in the airport that were rather ironic. All three of us chose to share a large suitcase in order to save money and it backfired on us. To make a long story short, instead of paying $25 to check our suitcase, we had to pay $100. Other than that, it's smooth sailing and couldn't ask for anything better.

I will check in again tomorrow night to review our match and the activities we have lined up. Go Eagles!

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