Saturday, March 19, 2011

Men's Tennis spring trip #7: The Double Blog edition

Rexford Shield of the men's tennis team is keeping a running diary of the Eagle men's and women's tennis team trip to Hilton Head, S.C...

On the fourth day, we rested. Everything was extremely laid back after an exhausting week of intense college tennis. Everyone pretty much had their own schedule and did as they pleased. The guys went to a local restaurant, grabbed some food, and watched some of the NCAA tournament games while the women went to the beach and the shops around noon time.

As a team, we then relaxed by the pool and soaked up the Hilton Head sun. What should come as a surprise is that we didn't do that much eating today due to the fact that we weren't in the house much. In the afternoon, Clint, Hannah, Cody, and Coach hit at the local tennis courts when everyone else went to little shops to buy some souvenirs; Tim, Vince, and I got some pretty sweet watches at a surf shop.

Then, the three of us came back and watched the Badgers beat Belmont while the others stayed in the town to eat dinner. It was a great day here in Hilton Head because we were able to clear our minds from tennis and enjoy our spring break for what it's worth. Most of us have avoided doing school work except Max and I, surprisingly. Tomorrow is our last day in great weather, then it's back to reality in Wisconsin. Go Eagles!

It was our last day in Hilton Head and we relaxed, once again. Like yesterday, everyone were on their own schedules with what they wanted to do. In the morning, everyone went to the outlet mall where they had tons of selections just like the one in Johnson Creek. It seemed that everyone found something that they were interested in. Vince and I then went to the shops again and picked out more souvenirs while others went for a sushi lunch.

Coach, Cody, and Max went to hit while everyone else stayed back and either took a nap, read, watched TV, or completed a puzzle. As a team, we went to Fuddruckers for dinner and that was absolutely delicious. Of course, we ate way too much but you only live once so it's okay to splurge. We packed up, cleaned the house, and laid around the rest of the night.

Personally, I had a blast on the trip because it was extremely warm weather, I was able to experience another part of the country, and I got to spend my spring break with my great teammates. We won't remember what the final scores were; we will remember the memories and the laughs that we had on the trip and those are priceless. I hope everyone appreciated the spring break blog and I hope it gave everyone a glimpse of how great our team is. We have a very early morning tomorrow with our flight leaving at 7 am which means we have to leave the house at 3:30 am. It's the end of paradise and back to reality of the college life. Go Eagles!


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