Thursday, March 17, 2011

Men's Tennis spring trip #6: Throw Vince in the Pool edition

Rexford Shield of the men's tennis team is keeping a running diary of the Eagle men's and women's tennis team trip to Hilton Head, S.C...

It calls for a celebration. Vince, the senior walk-on, won his first match of the season 6-4, 6-2 against FDU-Florham in the nightcap of our matches today.

We had a 7:15 am wake-up call and traveled to Hilton Head High school where we played Heidelberg. The men lost 1-8 and the women won 8-1. John and Tim collected our lone victory on the men's side where they absolutely dominated.

We had some time off between our early match and the late match so we enjoyed the sunlight by the pool, took naps, read, and ate, once again. It was pretty neat when we played under the lights against FDU-Florham (men's opponent) and Illinois at Springfield (women's opponent). It was a great challenge for the women playing against a Division II opponent and they held their own pretty well by only losing 3-6. The men had a tough, close match against Florham but lost 3-6. Like always, Max won at both singles and doubles because he just hates to lose, plain and simple.

We didn't have an epic dinner like the night before but everyone made their own food including chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and breakfast burritos. Vince was by far the man of the night because of his epic performance. We celebrated his victory by throwing his 215 pound frame into the pool and watching Super Troopers.

No matches tomorrow or the rest of the trip. Life is good in Hilton Head. Go Eagles!


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